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[Worthwhile Investments] GIVE and imagine the possibilities your gift will provide

Dr. Dale Steele has a heart for serving the church. He also has a big heart for children. Throughout his many years of pastoring and during his retirement years serving as interim to many churches, he has combined these two passions to make a difference in the lives of children at Baptist Children’s Homes. The evidence is tangible.

In every church where Steele has served, giving to Baptist Children’s Homes has dramatically increased. Three years ago, Steele began serving at Northside Baptist Church in Burlington and this year he challenged Northside to give the most generous gift they have ever given. He began the emphasis by asking if one member, any member, would give a challenge gift of $1200. He asked if the member would share with the church recording secretary their intention, but no one else. The next Sunday, Steele shared a commitment had been made. That Sunday, above their tithes and offerings, they gave more than $1500. The next Sunday, the amount was doubled to more than $3,000. Their gift to date has reached $6,250.

Although the gift amount is incredible, the story is more astonishing when it is noted that the church averages 35 attendees on Sunday mornings. More than half of the church members are retired.

Imagine the possibilities this gift will provide.

I can imagine there is a faithful servant of God placing her gift in an envelope and praying, “Lord, bless this gift. Use it to help a child.”

Imagine the possibilities this gift will provide.

Imagine the possibilities . . .

A child who has lived in a perilous environment of drugs finds a refuge of hope.

A child who was hungry and cold is fed finding warmth in the love of caring houseparents.

A child grows up, is married, becomes a mother, and breaks the cycle of abuse in her family.

A child who was angry and bitter because of an abusive father, grows up and becomes a father who shares the love he never felt with two sons. He teaches his children about a Heavenly Father who will always be there for them.

A resident with developmental needs discovers a home where he can live as independently as possible, share happiness and grow to his maximum potential.

A child who has always struggled in school finds encouragement and the extra help she has always needed. She is now an honor roll student.


A girl who felt like a failure as a child graduates from college and now works as a social worker giving back the care that was given to her.

A child who has only known hopelessness finds hope and healing when she asks Jesus into her heart.

One of the joys of my job (and there are many) is sharing the BCH story and how God is using churches’ and individual’s gifts to build His kingdom though our ministry. After one recent speaking engagement, I was standing at the front of the church as people shared with me their love for BCH. The members of this small church have big hearts for our children.

One couple shared: “Baptist Children’s Home is always on our hearts,” the wife shared. “We want you to know Baptist Children’s Homes is in our will. We want to continue to care for the children.”

There are many ways to give to BCH. One way is to give a Legacy gift. If you haven’t already, I hope you will consider including BCH as a part of your Legacy giving. January is Make Your Will month. It is a great time to review your plans and imagine the possibilities your planned gift can make.

I invite you to become a part of the I.G. Greer Society whose members have chosen to include BCH in their Will. Planned gifts represent the long-term assurance that BCH will always be able to imagine the possibilities.

I am filled with gratitude for generous hearts for children and others in need. I am filled with gratitude for you!

Please note that the January/February issues of Charity & Children are combined. But even if you don’t receive an issue in February, I would like to challenge you as you celebrate the month of love by doing one act of kindness each of the 29 days of February and then let us know how your love has touched someone. Can’t wait to hear about the creative ways you offered hope to others. Email me at

For more information on how you can help to pick up a child who needs a helping hand, call Brenda Gray at 336-474-1230. Imagine the possiblities your gift will provide.

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