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Concerned bikers bring Christmas to BCH children

Jay Flowers remembers as a law enforcement officer watching the long line of motorcycles roaring down the road. In those days, his job was to ensure the bikers remained safe as they traveled the designated route to Mills Home in Thomasville for the annual “Toy Run.”

Flowers has transitioned from spectator to participant since his retirement in 2004. Now, he rides his motorcycle, alongside the hundreds of other bikers, to bring Christmas gifts to Mills Home boys and girls. As president for the past two years of the Concerned Bikers Association of Randolph County (CBA), the group that organizes the charitable ride, Flowers helps lead the annual efforts.

The ride begins in Randolph County and stretches to Davidson County where Mills Home is located. Flowers says the group could not do the ride without the help of Asheboro and Thomasville city police as well as the Randolph and Davidson County sheriff’s departments.

“As a law enforcement officer, I missed the other side of the ride,” he continues. “It gets your heart pounding to see the kids waving as you pull into Mills Home.”

CBA secretary Gena Parker, who has ridden in the Toy Run since 2010, agrees. “It’s really touching when you drive up and see the kids holding up signs to welcome you.”

Parker joined CBA after assisting her parents, who were a part of the group, with a number of events.

“The first time I saw how many people came out for the Toy Run, I knew I wanted to get more involved,” Parker says. “At that time, I really had no idea what it was all about.