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[Top 10 of 2015] #6 BCH unveils FancyFinds

Charity and Children's Top 10 Stories

Last year, BCH officially introduced Fancy Finds, a BCH initiative that supports the organization’s ministries to children, families, developmentally disabled adults, and aging adults through the North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM). Fancy Finds is a resale store that will offer older or previously discarded furniture and home décor items that will be creatively restored and transformed into renewed vintage-style pieces. Proceeds generated by the store go back into the BCH ministry. In addition, Fancy Finds opens up opportunities for others to support BCH and volunteer. The store is dependent on people donating older, gently-worn furniture, and accessories. Fancy Finds also provides an Estate Sale Service and “do it yourself” classes teaching others how to restore and revitalize their own unique items. The store will open sometime in 2016.

Read the full story at or you can visit Fancy Finds website:

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