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Merry Christmas - Christ is changing lives!

The HOPE found in Christ is changing lives!

Christmas is a time to reflect on the miracle of Christ and the power He has to change our lives. The Great Commission calls us to go forth and share His story of HOPE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and you have done just that.

Because of you, 85 first-time decisions to follow Christ have been made this year at Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina. These are lives eternally transformed by the power of Jesus Christ! You have been a part of each of those decisions.

You have made it possible for us to provide caring houseparents, regular meals and snacks, clean clothes and warm beds for these children and families. You have made it possible for us to share the Gospel message!

THANK YOU for your love, support, prayers and fincancial gifts that make Baptist Children's Homes a safe haven for so many.

Merry Christmas from the children, families and staff of Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina!

Please watch this short video highlighting a few lives that have been transformed by the Gospel. We have doung there is no greater gift!

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