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Renewed Purpose for House and Single Mothers

Claudia Robinette’s family home in Marston sat vacant after her parents’ passing. But she and her family knew that the house, where she experienced love and care as a child, could be useful to others.

“We wanted the house to be used for something purposeful; we just didn’t know what that meant,” Robinette explained. Her pastor, Dr. Jim Nelson of First Baptist Church in Rockingham, suggestion quickly brought things into focus.

“Our minister put us in contact with Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH),” Robinette said. “They wanted to open a new Family Care home but hadn’t yet determined the location. It was meant to be.”

Robinette donated her childhood home to BCH in honor of her parents. After months of renovations by volunteer teams, the Claude and Lois Smith Family Care Home was ready.

“The home looks absolutely phenomenal. It’s such a transformation,” Robinette said. “You can see the potential for the lives that will be changed there.”

The new home accommodates as many as five hard-working single mothers and their children. The William A. and Hughlene Bostian Frank Family Care Ministry provides a unique opportunity to connect mothers with resources they need to become self-sufficient while still parenting their children.

The Claude and Lois Smith Family Care Home was dedicated on Sunday, August 30 with 250 friends in attendance.

“It was a wonderful day of celebration,” Robinette said. “It is giving the home new life. It’s exciting to know that soon there will be people living there and the home will be filled with the laughter of children.”

One family has already been identified to move into the new home and there is the possibility of a second.

“It is an incredible honor to carry on the name of Claudia’s mother and father through this exceptional ministry for mothers and children,” said BCH president Michael C. Blackwell. “Just as Claudia’s childhood home has been given new purpose, the mothers and children who live there will also receive renewed purpose because of this tremendous gift.”

SPECIAL UPDATE 10/6: Three families are already living in the new family care home with two more expected to be arrive next week! This wonderful home is already full, providing support and love to single mothers and their children! Thank you for helping to make this possible!

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Take a look inside the new Claude and Lois Smith Family Care Home.

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