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All hands on deck!

Eddie the Cope with His Team working hard in Guatemala!

One explanation of the tasks to accomplish and zoom, everyone goes to work! All hands were on deck to move the 110 pound adobes from storage to the staging area. The men joined Abelino and his crew to put up the adobe walls as if they had already worked with him for months.

A key adobe inventory was discovered missing and the young

people jumped in to make the adobe mix with gooey mud, pine straw and molasses. They then passed the adobe mix to the women which in turn raced to make 110 adobes by hand in a day!

The crew did superb work painting, cleaning, organizing, cooking, gardening, plumbing, and caulking. They worked 10-12 hours per day, and on day 3 one of the ladies commented that her soreness made her discover

some new muscles. But in spite of being dog tired, they were driven by their joy in the Lord.

A big thank you to Eddie, Eddie, Chris, Jill, Lucas, Lori, Sonda, Evie, Marianne, Amanda, James, and Austin for all their hard work!

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