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Baptist Children's Homes Children Racing Toward School's Start

Back-to-school time is almost here! As we race forward, we hear the clock ticking. When my children were small, I marveled at their excitement over new back-to-school athletic shoes.I gazed and listened as they greeted their friends with, “Watch this!” Then they would sprint down the driveway. “See how fast I can go? These new shoes make me go super fast!” Children seem to know that new shoes give super powers. They run faster and jump higher. They feel that they can tackle anything!

BCH’s children are racing toward school’s start. It won’t be long before they take their places among other students feeling all the anxiety those first days bring. But what a pleasure to know that the new clothing and footwear give them a sense of their inner super powers. Confidence in themselves sets in motion the success we want for all of them. Won’t you help? Act now while time is still on our side!

Thank you for joining the Lord’s work in helping hurting children. You truly make a difference. Your generosity makes back-to-school an exciting time.

Please be part of the great race to prepare for that first day of school fast approaching!

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