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Parents Find Needed Partners at Weekday Education in Thomasville


Brian and Cindy Eddinger knew they wanted more than one child. “I wanted a lot of kids,” Brian says. “My sister and I are eight years a part in age and for the most part I grew up like an only child.”

“We wanted our children to enjoy siblings,” Cindy echoes. She and her one sister created many good memories as children. The couple met in college, fell in love, and after graduating, they married in 1999. Both became teachers and to Brian’s surprise they ended up returning to his hometown of Thomasville. Brian teachers in the high school he once attended.

“My goal was never to come back home,” Brian says. “But God has worked in our lives to bring us here – to where He wants us today.”

Cindy left the classroom and began a career with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs becoming a trainer and quality review specialist. It was not long before her contribution to the family’s income leap frogged Brian’s. So, when their first child came along, the couple, like many

other couples, faced some tough decisions.

“When we were expecting Haley, we talked about one of us staying home with her,” Brian recalls. “But it wasn’t that easy. We are both passionate about our careers.”

The couple compromised. Brian freed up lots of his time by not coaching in the school’s athletic department. Cindy took a different position at her job which gave her more time, too. They were determined if they were not going to leave their jobs, they would not spend all their time on the job.