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Transforming the Power of Jesus

Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina

There were days when I walked in from work and three-year-old Kyle might not look up or even ackowledge my homecoming. His eyes were riveted to the television. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, he talked alternating to me and to the screen’s characters. “Hi Daddy! Guess what? We’re having meat tonight!”

My son was watching Transformers. “. . .more than meets the eyes. . .” Kyle sang along, and almost unwillingly, I joined in. “Transformers, robots in disguise.” That got his attention.

“Daddy, this one’s about Bumble Bee, and guess what? He’s not really a car!” I sat down

beside my boy and listened to the story about the robots-slash-vehicles that transform when needed to save the day. “. . .and the bad guys need to watch out because Optimus Prime always wins!”

We watched the last bit together, and Kyle assured me that he’s for the good guys.

“You know why? They can transform, Daddy!”

It was 1985.

Kyle’s Grandma learned all about Transformers, too. She listened when her small grandson went on and on about the heroes disguised as cars and trucks and even eighteen wheelers. Tucked inside his Easter basket that year, Kyle found a red sports car that he could twist and turn and make into a. . .“Transformer! More that meets the eye!” Kyle burst into sweet song, and his aunts, uncles, mom, dad, and grandparents smiled as he left the rest of the basket unpacked and turned the robot back into a red car, pushing it along the carpet and making up scenarios pieced together from several recent episodes. Later, the Transformer accompanied him on the Easter egg hunt. The day transformed into a happy memory.