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Baptist Partnership Impacts Orphans at The Good Shepherd Children's Homes

Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH), North Carolina Baptist Men (NCBM) and Woman’s

Missionary Union of North Carolina (WMUNC) are in the second year partnering to care for

orphans in Xela, Guatemala.

The Good Shepherd Children’s Home, an affiliate orphanage of BCH, brought the three organizations together to care for the indigenous boys and girls living there.

“We have such tremendous respect for NCBM and WMUNC,” said BCH’s chief operating officer Keith Henry. “Partnering with them to rescue these orphans and bring the gospel to them has been a remarkable blessing.”

BCH oversees the operation of the orphanage ensuring children receive the best possible care. NCBM coordinates volunteer missions teams to assist with construction and maintenance, evangelism and other needs at the facility. WMUNC was one of the initial sponsors bringing together crucial funding for one of the orphanage’s first children. Good Shepherd currently cares for six children and is expecting more.

“I was able to hold the very first baby in my arms,” said Henry. “This was a child who was

abandoned in the middle of the night and left to die. She’s alive and well because of this special partnership and the efforts of so many.”

For the second year, the three partners are launching the “Tie that Binds” promotion encouraging friends to donate their gently-worn neckties to benefit the orphanage. The ties will be collected at BCH’s booth at the NC Baptist Missions Conference on April 10-11 at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. The ties will then be sold the week after at the WMU Missions Extravaganza on April 17-18 at Ardmore Baptist Church in Winston-Salem.

All proceeds from the necktie sales will go to help orphans at Good Shepherd Children’s

Home in Xela. “Last year we were inundated with ties,” said Henry. “It’s amazing to see the love people have for the orphanage and their desire to help.”

How can people help?

Reach out a hand of hope. Prayer and financial support are vital for carrying out the mission of Good Shephard Ministires. Without ongoing support, caring for Quich children is impossible.

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