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Spotlight on Weekday Education: 4-H Club Brings Opportunities

Boys and girls attending the Gregg Center huddle around a small cardboard maze. All

eyes are fixed on Lucky, the center’s guinea pig, as he darts around the bends and tunnels.

Lucky is more than a pet for Weekday Education’s after-school program in Thomasville; he is a central part of Gregg Center’s new 4-H Club.

“The center was part of 4-H years ago,” says Weekday Education director Linda Russo. “We

brought it back as we provide quality opportunities for our afternoon children.”

The center’s 4-H theme for this year is “Pet Pals” – which makes Lucky the perfect guinea

pig, both figuratively and literally. The students have studied how he behaves in his maze. They have discovered Lucky likes sweet peppers, but will not eat mandarin oranges.

4-H Club.jpg

“They document everything,” Russo explains. “It also is teaching them responsibility. They help feed Lucky and clean his cage.”

Since the club returned last November, the children have been introduced to a therapy dog,