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Cottage Home Care

Cottage Home Care for boys and girls is provided at six of Baptist Children's Homes locations across the state. Cottage Home Care takes place in community-based group cottages made up of 10-12 residents and two sets of houseparents. 

Caring staff members help families to understand and define their immediate relationships enabling them to make decisions concerning their futures. Children and their families learn communication and problem-solving skills. Based on a young person's age, maturity and projected plan following residential services, preparation for adult living is incorporated in the plan of service. We currently only offer level 1 children's residential care.

Cost of service is based on a sliding fee scale for parent or relative custodians. DSS and other social service custodians will page based on a pre-established purchase of service charge.

Information and Referrals:

1.800.476.3669           Refer A Child  »           Contact for More Information »

Cottage Home Care Locations

Click on a location below to learn more. Contact information is available for each location.

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Life In A Cottage Home