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Food Roundup | April 2018

The Food Roundup Matters to Maggie...

Maggie lived in Western North Carolina with her mother and step-father until one day they abandoned her. The three-year-old girl was heartbroken. She went to stay with her step-grandparents who were not able to work. They could barely take care of themselves much less a young child. When Maggie looks back on the years she lived with her step-grandparents, she can describe that difficult period of her life with one word: Hungry.

 “I was always hungry,” Maggie remembers. “There was never anything to eat.”

She recalls walking with her step-grandfather to a nearby landfill. He would rummage through the piles of trash trying to find anything he could sell in order to make a little money. Meanwhile, Maggie would be looking through the nearby dumpster trying to find something to eat.

Thankfully, Maggie came to Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) where she didn’t have to worry about being hungry. So many boys and girls, like Maggie, could never count on eating regularly before coming to live at BCH. It’s the reason why the annual Food Roundup means so much to the hundreds of children and families you help us serve every year.

How Does the Food Roundup Help?

When churches, businesses and other community friends unite for the annual Food Roundup, it feeds hundreds and hundreds of boys and girls living at Baptist Children's Homes like Maggie. When you are feeding BCH cottages across North Carolina that can have as many as 12 to 16 residents, it takes a lot of food to fill hungry bellies.

What is this Year's Goal?

We need you to help collect $400,000 in nonperishable food, supplies and gift cards. This equals approximately 700,000 meals and snacks -- enough to feed them for a year!

When Do We Collect and How Do We Deliver our Donations?

Promote and collect throughout the month of April. You can deliver your collections at designated statewide pick-up points. BCH will begin picking up donations from collection points beginning Monday, April 23. You will need to find out the last day your collection point will accept food deliveries prior to the April 23 starting date.

Resources and Contact Info for You

Downloadable resources, including needs list, collection guide, statewide pick-up points list, video, slides, flyer and ads are available below.

For more information about how you, your church or organization can be a part of Food Roundup, contact Alan Williams at 1-800-476-3669 ext. 1277 or email him at

Your Hands to Their Hearts (1 min)

When the food you collect arrives at Baptist Children's Homes, its journey has only begun! It travels from your hands, to their tables and fills their hearts. You can download a copy to view in your church or with a group by clicking on the "Download" button on the Vimeo video page at



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Do you want to provide meals and snacks for BCH's boys and girls, but do not have the time or ability to collect and drop off items? You can still make a difference by becoming a BCH Food AngelFor as little as $4.92 a month, you can help provide 36 meals a year to children and families in need. Click the below image to learn more.

Become a Food Angel today!