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Transition & Search Committee Update - 12/21/23

From David Powell, Chair of the Baptist Children's Homes Transition and Search Committee:

Hello Baptist Children’s Homes friends,

Thank you for your continued support as the Transition and Search Committee continues the process to identify the next President/CEO of the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH). As we shared in our previous update, the committee covets your prayers. We know that God Himself is ultimately the head of our 138-year-old ministry, and we look to His wisdom and guidance with each step forward.

We are excited to share with you that the Transition and Search Committee secured the services of Vanderbloemen. Based out of Houston, TX, Vanderbloemen is a firm that has experience in assisting Christian organizations, of all sizes, with the expertise and resources needed to fill their executive leadership positions. Because it has been 40 years since BCH’s previous leadership search, partnering with Vanderbloeman, which has helped other nonprofits including Young Life and Compassion International, will be essential in guiding our approach and process.

The committee interviewed several potential firms and Vanderbloemen became the choice for several reasons:

  • They specialize in working with nonprofits and mission-first organizations.

  • Their staff, who have seminary and theological experience, understand that our future leader must not only possess the appropriate executive qualifications but must also be a strong spiritual leader. Vanderbloemen will be able to help the committee build an executive leader profile that identifies the essential qualities and expertise necessary to the position.

  • The firm understands the importance of input from staff. The voices of BCH staff members are valued and there will be opportunities for them to be heard including through both surveys and interviews.

  • We are able to contract with Vanderbloemen based only on the required needs. This means BCH will not be locked into a longer-term business agreement that could require spending unnecessary funds. They afford us financial flexibility allowing us to be the best steward of BCH dollars.

We are confident and filled with expectation as we begin to move forward with Vanderbloemen. Once we move past the initial phase with them, we will be prepared to release the official job description and receive applicants.

As a committee, we see God at work throughout this process as He continues to bring us together with the right relationships and resources in His perfect timing. Please continue to pray for the committee, the step-by-step process and for the search itself. At the end of it all, this is about the children, families and adults Baptist Children’s Homes is privileged to serve – we want them to come to know the same God who is leading and guiding us into this new season.

Blessings and Merry Christmas.

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