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Seize the opportunity to change children’s lives

“Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could change a life.”

As I pondered the words expressed in this quote, I was reminded of the many people that have made this ministry possible and continue to make this ministry possible every day. Embracing opportunity creates legacy, a legacy of caring and a legacy of changed lives. Legacy = Changed lives

CB Turner, Dale Greene, and Paul Daley had several things in common. They each shared a life of commitment to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They each shared a life of commitment to their family. They each shared a life of commitment to make a difference in the lives of others—to seize every opportunity to provide second chances. In the last three weeks, these three legacy makers made their journey home to be with Jesus. CB and Judy Turner met Will and Betty Porter and the children in Wall Cottage at their church.

Will and Betty are cottage parents on our Broyhill Home campus. CB and Judy immediately fell in love with Will, Betty, and the children. They so enjoyed the special times they experienced with the children. They began to pray about how they could significantly impact their lives, those we serve, and those we will serve in the future. In May, we dedicated Turner Cottage in Hayesville. Judy continues the legacy she and CB shared. She continues to seize the opportunity to change lives. Their legacy will live on in changed lives, lives they have already touched with God’s love and those that will be changed for years to come.

CB’s legacy lives on in the lives of each of us that knew and loved him. Betty Greene loved this ministry. Dale joined in her passion to make a difference in the lives of the “least of these.” When Betty passed, Dale continued her legacy of caring for those we serve. Dale and Betty embedded their passion of caring for others into the hearts of their children as well. Following the influence of their parents, they will continue to seize the opportunity to change lives. Dale and Betty’s legacy lives on through the many lives that have been and will be changed through BCH and through the lives of their children and grandchildren. Dale’s legacy lives on in the lives of each of us that knew and loved him.

Paul Daley seized opportunities every day to change lives. Paul loved his Lord with every ounce of his being. For more than 40 years, Paul and his wife Lisa lived out their calling to care for children through Cameron Boys Camp and later Camp Duncan for Girls. Paul invested in the lives of his staff and the thousands of boys and girls they cared for over the years.

Paul took every opportunity to share the Gospel. He lived it! Paul’s legacy lives on in and through the lives that were changed during his years in. therapeutic wilderness camping. His legacy lives on through his children and grandchildren. Paul’s legacy lives on in the lives of each of us that knew and loved him.

What do these legacies look like here at BCH. They each significantly invested in the lives of those we serve and those that serve through our ministry. Because they seized the opportunity, thousands of children, families, and individuals have heard the

Gospel—lives have been and will be changed.

Legacy = Changed lives

A young girl came into care. She had been abused from the time she was five years old. Her mother died from an overdose. She had been robbed of her childhood and her innocence. She was afraid and hurting. She was so quiet when she first came into care. But then God began to work in her life. Our cottage parents poured into her, sharing hope and love. She has grown into a beautiful young lady, full of hope and confidence. In December, she will graduate from college. LEGACY!

A young boy is isolated and fed only rice as a child. When he came to us he was malnourished and extremely neglected. He was repeatedly told he was “not worth the trouble.” Today, he is in a loving foster home and will be adopted. LEGACY!

A young teenage boy rebelled. The pain he experienced at losing his father and watching his mother grieve was more than his heart could handle. His mother lost herself in her grief. He felt like he had no one. At Cameron Boys Camp, he found a safe place and a place of hope and healing. He surrendered his life to Christ. He was no longer alone in his grief. LEGACY!

Many of the children who come into care arrive with clothes that are worn out and sizes too small. They will soon begin a new school year. As our children board buses all across this state, they will shine. New clothes, new shoes, and lots of encouragement from cottage parents and foster parents will be a part of their first day at school. LEGACY!

A birth mom who recently placed her baby for adoption finds a place of hope and healing at Emmanuel Home. A teenage mom is offered a home for her and her baby at our Teen/Mom program. LEGACY!

This is what Legacy looks like at BCH. Through your Legacy, you become a WAYMAKER for all those we serve. A waymaker of second chances. Take the time to read the encouraging success stories in this issue of Charity & Children and celebrate LEGACY.

But wait! What if these had been missed opportunities? What if we had not been here to care for these children and families? Our legacy is not about what happens at our passing, it is about what happens in our living. It is the opportunities to share God’s love that we do not allow to slip by us. It is the impact of a life well lived. Is the legacy you are living and the legacy you are leaving creating changed lives? There are many opportunities to change lives all around us. I pray they will not be missed opportunities, for me...for you. I invite you to follow the life examples of CB and Judy Turner, Dale and Betty Greene, and Paul and Lisa Daley. In following God’s direction to care for the “least of these,” not only is the life of the one receiving the cup of water changed, our lives are changed.

Legacy = Changed lives

You can leave a legacy that will change children's lives! To make an immediate impact, give at To discover other ways to leave a legacy gift, contact Brenda at or call her at 336-474-1230. Written by Brenda Gray, Executive Vice President, Development & Communications

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