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National award recognizes excellence in workplace

Baptist Children’s Homes received the national “Excellence In Workers’ Compensation Risk Management Award” with fellow national winners JetBlue and DaVita. The award recognizes BCH’s excellence in providing a safe and productive work environment.

When human resources director John Adamcik was asked to describe Baptist Children Homes of North Carolina’s (BCH) safety program, he said, “Compassionate, collaborative care is the driving force behind our success.”

John Adamcik

Adamcik participated in an online panel discussion honoring winners of National Underwriters Property & Casualty 360 Magazine’s 2020 “Excellence In Workers’ Compensation Risk Management Award.”

BCH was recognized along with fellow national winners JetBlue and DaVita for outstanding results in providing a safe and productive work environment. Past winners have include Starbucks, DHL Express, Butterball LLC, and Aramark.

“It is amazing how God uses something like safety to share the BCH story,” said Adamcik. “Risk is certainly a reality in our ministries, but we have great staff members who strive to faithfully balance physical realities with the dynamics of living life as God intends.”

The magazine article highlighted BCH’s faith-based approach to serving others.

Whether sharing moments preparing meals in the kitchen, making memories at the beach, or playing ball outside a cottage, sharing God’s love and building relationships means BCH is an active organization.

The award recognized staff members’ efforts from across the state, and the guidance of the BCH risk performance team, formed in 2017 by Sam Barefoot, senior vice president of properties and insurance. Barefoot, along with insurance advisor Jim Simpson, Jr., of Professional Services Group, LLP, and Steve Heston and Jacob Dahlin of broker agency Scott Insurance, brought together Adamcik, colleagues Ruby Pennington and Joni Brooks, and senior BCH leaders Linda Morgan, statewide director, child/ residential services, Martha Surrat, director of special ministries, and Regina Keener, Thomasville area director.

For the past three years the team has worked to identify and address main areas of risk potential within BCH. With support and insight from United Heartland, BCH’s workers compensation carrier, the team has been able to provide useful data, training, and on-location support for our ministries in areas such as fleet safety, medication administration, and preventing slips, trips, and falls. The efforts have paid off in fewer and less serious workplace accidents, bringing our annual insurance metric down by 28% from last year, and in line with the baseline for organizations of our type.

Sam Barefoot

“We have an outstanding, smart working team,” said Barefoot. He points out that by recognizing the importance of managing around the clock, every day, the result is a “more fun, safer haven to effectively minister to BCH’s children and families. Being the best stewards of our resources means more families are being served.”

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