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Children are depending on you to answer the call

Will you answer the call or will you let it go to voice mail?

On November 11th, Baptist Children’s Homes will celebrate its 137th birthday. One hundred and thirty-seven years ago precious boys and girls across our state were orphaned with few options. God called John H. Mills to open The Baptist Orphanage in Thomasville. Mills turned to the church. Since our beginnings, we have known the answer to the dark plight of our children and those so desperately in need is the church living out the Gospel as expressed in James 1:27.

Through the years, you, the church has answered the call. Through the years, you, the church has enabled us to be there for thousands of children and families. Thousands of children have found refuge and thousands of families have found hope. They have learned that hope has a name and His name is Jesus. They have learned that hope has hands and feet, your hands and your feet. Your hands to hold them and your feet to walk this journey with them.

Each time we wipe away tears, prepare a warm nutritious meal, clap loudly at a birthday party, help with homework or a special art or craft project, bake their favorite chocolate chip cookies, hold their hand to keep them safe, fold our hands and bow our heads as we teach them to pray, we do so offering hope. Each time you make it possible, each time your hands touch, your hands bring hope and healing. Without you saying “YES!” when God calls you to be a part of this ministry, we could not be here.

Each time we walk this journey with them, you are there. You run with them on the ballfield. You walk with them through the woods and teach them of God’s creation. And on days when they cannot run or walk emotionally, you pick them up and carry them. Thank you!

Thank you for answering God’s calling on your heart to care for those we serve. Thank you for being an extension of God’s love. Our Annual Offering theme this year is “God is calling.” Just as we rest on the promise that the Lord will never forsake us, our children can be confident that North Carolina Baptists will not let that call go to voice mail. Our children can rest on the promise that North Carolina Baptists will never let them down. And we never let them forget how much you care for them through your many faithful prayers and acts of kindness and love.

Thank you!

The promise of God’s presence in our lives is one of the most powerful promises we hold true.

God seeks us because God so loves us. He actively seeks us and loves us passionately. It is this presence that we claim by promise. God’s presence comes to us just as surely as it came to the people of Israel and to the early Christians.

Eighty percent of those who come to us are unchurched. They are desperately in need of hope and desperately in need of God’s presence in their lives. We are a mission field!

It is important for our children to experience God’s presence! It is important they realize that they are precious to God. It is important they know they are not on their journey to hope and healing alone. It is important they know they can depend on you to be on this journey with them through your prayers and support.

God is calling.

Children like six-year-old Tim are depending on you to answer. He was abandoned in the mall.

God is calling.

Children like Elle are depending on you to answer. Elle was abducted to be used for sex trafficking.

God is calling.

Children like Kevin, Jeff, and Alex are depending on you to answer. They were discovered living in their car with their Dad in the mountains in the middle of winter. Dad had a severe drug addiction.

God is calling.

Sibling groups not wanting to be separated are depending on you to answer. A sibling group of children ages 14, 11, and 10 have been waiting to be adopted. Over the years, they have watched their friends be placed with forever families while continuing to wait.

God is calling.

Young girls like Abigail are depending on you to answer. Abigail found herself sitting in an abortion clinic. She ran out of the abortion clinic. Abi chose life for her baby.

God is calling.

Children like Joseph are depending on you to answer. Joseph, as a baby was left in a burning house. His burns were severe, but now as a six-year-old he lives with loving cottage parents in one of our cottages.

God is calling.

Children wanting a forever family are depending on you to answer. Ashely had been through numerous placements. She was told repeatedly that this time it would be different. This beautiful 16-year-old was adopted by one of our foster families last year.

God is calling.

Children like Lecianne are depending on you to answer. Lecianne’s father was sentenced to prison for abusing her and then he committed suicide. Six months later her mother died.

No child should ever experience the trauma these children have been through. Every Child should be loved and cherished.

God calls us to reach, to touch, to journey with the message of hope, love, forgiveness and grace. Pray earnestly to know his will concerning your gift. The need has never been greater! Thousands upon thousands of children, families, and individuals are depending on you. Your gift could be the difference. Your “widow’s mite” truly matters!

God is calling. Please, please, please continue to answer!

Thanks to your faithful support: Love happens here, hope happens here, healing happens here, laughter happens here, grace happens here, children, families and individuals meet Jesus here!

* NOTE: The names of the children have been changed to protect them.

Written by Brenda Gray, Executive Vice President, Development & Communications. To answer the call by making a gift, contact Brenda at 336-689-4442, or click here make an immediate gift.

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