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CEO Application Portal Opens: Transition & Search Committee Update

From David Powell, Chair of the Baptist Children's Homes Transition and Search Committee:

Greetings Baptist Children’s Homes friends,

On behalf of the Transition and Search Committee, thank you for your continued prayers and support of Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH) and every life we are able to serve. God has blessed us with the most dedicated of staff, friends and partners in NC Baptist life. He is using your faithfulness and generosity to make a difference in the lives of children, families, aging adults, expectant mothers, special needs adults as well as others.

The process for identifying a new BCH leader has made great strides since the last public update, but first we want to praise God for what He accomplished last year through Baptist Children’s Homes even in the midst of the challenges we faced. In 2023, we ministered to 117,502 lives throughout BCH’s many ministries in NC, SC and Guatemala. We thank God for the 316 professions of faith that were proclaimed. We are grateful for the lives that have been changed for today and for all eternity! To God be the glory!

As the leadership process has continued throughout the past months, the Transition and Search Committee alongside Vanderbloemen, the firm assisting us with this undertaking, has accomplished the following:

  • Conducted an online survey of BCH staff and hosted a group of employees for an in-person forum with our Vanderbloemen consultant

  • Surveyed trustees and key stakeholders to elicit their insights into the qualities they consider vital to BCH’s executive leadership position  

  • Developed the candidate profile utilizing feedback from surveys, research, input from similar nonprofits within North Carolina as well as nationally

  • Finalized the updated job description for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position of the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina

As a result of everyone’s efforts, and God’s leadership most of all, the Transition and Search Committee is pleased to announce that the application process to identify the next BCH executive leader is now open. Further information regarding the CEO position and the portal for submitting a formal application is found at located on the Vanderbloemen website. Serious candidates are encouraged to apply within the next three weeks.

Taking steps prayerfully and thoughtfully is integral to this undertaking. We will continue to move forward in a manner that is respectful of the process and within a timetable that accords God the latitude to move and lead. It is why the committee, and everyone involved in this effort, continues to covet your prayers.

From its very beginnings as a single cottage in 1885, God has grown Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina throughout its 138 years into the myriad of life-changing ministries it is today. We are able to look back at our history and say, without any doubt, that it is the Lord who has accomplished this in His wisdom and timing. When the day arrives to welcome our new CEO, we want to be able to once again behold what God has done and give Him all praise and glory for it.

The Transition and Search Committee asks that you continue to pray for us and our partners at Vanderbloemen as we guide the process. Pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit as He works within the hearts of those who will apply. We rejoice in the expectation of what the Lord will accomplish through the leadership process and the continued support of ministry partners such as you. Thank you for being a valued partner in carrying out the BCH mission of “sharing hope…changing lives.”


David Powell

Chair, Transition and Search Committee

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