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Bethlehem journey leads to place of hope

Is there room in your heart this Christmas for children who are making their journey to Bethlehem? Will you be the star of Bethlehem, lighting the way for boys and girls? Will you be the light leading them from darkness to hope and healing?

The journey to Bethlehem was a trip that forever altered Mary and Joseph’s lives. Bethlehem was a place the young couple had to travel to because of the Roman occupation of their country. It represented a dangerous journey with no assurance they would even find a place to stay once they arrived. It was a dangerous journey – one they were forced to take with no guarantees.

Bethlehem also represented something else. The journey for Mary and Joseph was a journey toward fulfillment. It was a journey of faith and a journey toward God’s possibilities. No doubt it would be a struggle, but in the end it would be worth it.

They Journey to Bethlehem...A Journey to Hope and Healing.

Two sisters' lives had been a roller coaster of ups and downs – sadly, more downs than ups. They had lived a life fearful for her mother’s safety due to her lifestyle of drug abuse. Their fear became reality when her mother overdosed. Grieving their Mom’s death, they felt lost as their world continued to be turned upside down. They were forced to grow up all too fast. When they walked through our doors, thanks to you, they were embraced with “Christmas” comfort, hope and love.

The two sisters are now on their road to Bethlehem.

He was bullied by the other kids in school – he was spit on, kicked and beaten. He often found himself in trouble and overwhelmed. He did not want to go to school, he did not want to leave his house. He became one of the hidden children. He and his sister often found themselves hungry and in line at a nearby food kitchen. Hungry, cold and alone, they were immediately surrounded by cottage parents that wrapped them in the warmth of love.

They are on their road to Bethlehem.

The three boys ages nine, seven and five walked through our doors showing all the signs of hunger, physical and emotional neglect. Their trauma was written all over their beautiful but sad faces. They came from a situation where they had to struggle to survive. The sparkle in their eyes was gone. But at BCH, loving arms wrapped them with the warmth of God’s love – offering His peace and hope.

These precious boys are on their road to Bethlehem.

Because of substance abuse in the family, she lived with feeling no hope, “this will be my life.” She became pregnant and did not know where to turn for help. It was a very difficult time for her. She made a decision to give her baby life. Since coming to BCH she has accepted Christ as her personal Savior. Today she has a beautiful little boy.

She is on her road to Bethlehem.

He is six years old. He was left in a burning home as an infant. He lives with nightmares. His cottage parents are there to hold him and dry his tears when he cries out during the night.

He is on his journey to Bethlehem.

Their lives have been filled with pain and fear. It’s been difficult to trust, because so often those they trusted did not take care of them. At BCH they found hope. They have each made so much progress. They have a long journey ahead of them and we are committed to help them find her way toward hope and healing as they continue their trek to Bethlehem.

Bethlehem is where one’s highest hopes and deepest fears come together – so it is for many of BCH’s children on their life’s journey. The journey begins where their deepest fears lie but the journey leads them to a place of possibility and hope.

The journey to Bethlehem is the same for all of us. It is a journey to a place where hope supersedes fear. It is a journey to a place where fear is quieted and hope is fulfilled.

For more information on how you can help a boy and girl on their journey, call me at 336-689-4442 or email me at

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