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4 Ways to Help: Your support during this time is critical

Many of our events that raise much-needed support for the children and families we serve have been canceled due to COVID-19. A vital event being impacted is our April Food Roundup. We are postponing the Food Roundup from April to later this year. Because of COVID-19, This has been a difficult decision because so many of you have expressed your excitement at helping our boys and girls, many who have not been able to count on eating regularly until arriving at BCH. Just because we are rescheduling doesn’t mean you can’t help. In fact, because the Food Roundup is postponed, we need your immediate help in this time of crisis!

Food supplies at all BCH locations will run low because the Food Roundup is postponed. Because it has been almost a year since the previous food drive, our food, perishable and nonperishable, will be in short supply. We count on April’s Food Roundup to refill our shelves in our children’s cottages and food pantries. And because we depend on the food drive, our budget is not prepared to purchase the food that will be needed to feed our children and special needs adults throughout the next few months. As you can see, you are desperately needed!

Here are four ways you and your church can ensure our food and funding do not run out:

1. Pray: Ask God to lead you and others to help with the need. He is able!

2. Give by check or online: This is the most essential way your church can help. Your financial offering will allow us to purchase the food and supplies that are most-needed throughout our statewide ministries. Send a check to Baptist Children's Homes, PO Box 338, Thomasville, NC 27362 or help immediately by giving online at

3. Send gift cards: Gift cards, especially to stores like Walmart and Food Lion, will help us purchase the most-needed food and supplies.

4. Deliver essential food & supplies: Call the BCH location nearest you (phone numbers below) to find out their specific needs. A representative will instruct you with the safest way to deliver the supplies.

While many places have closed, BCH is open and boys and girls are still coming into our care. The needs of abused, neglected and abandoned children don’t cease even in this time of crisis. We will continue to serve the children already with us and will safely and appropriately bring new children into our care. Your prayers and support are critical! We count on you! We cannot minister to boys and girls without you. If you need more information, please call Brenda Gray at 336-689-4442.

Baptist Children’s Homes Ministry Locations and Phone Numbers

Please call before coming:

1. Broyhill Home in Clyde and Western NC homes Linda Morgan, Lead Dir., 828-627-9254

2. Mills Home in Thomasville and Care House in Lenoir Regina Keener, Dir., 336-474-1200

3. Kennedy Home in Kinston Christopher Allabaugh, Dir., 252-522-0811

4. Odum Home in Pembroke Kathy Locklear, Res. Mgr., 910-521-3433

5. Cameron Boys Camp in Cameron Drew Scott, Dir., 910-245-4034

6. Camp Duncan in Aberdeen Brad Gearhart, Dir., 910-944-3077

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