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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child Abuse Prevention Month is a time when we are reminded to stand and speak up for those who are alone and cannot speak for themselves.

Today in the U.S., as many as four million child maltreatment referral reports are received. Child Abuse reports involved 7.2 million children. Almost 40% were abused by a parent, 51% by a relative of the child . More than one quarter of victims were under three years of age. Almost five children die every day from child abuse.

In North Carolina, child abuse reports involved nearly 8,000 children. One in 10 children live in extreme poverty. Twenty five children died from abuse and neglect. Sixty eight children and youth committed suicide.

Data released in May 2017 estimates that 122,000 adolescents are addicted to prescription pain relievers.

Please stand with us. Notify local law enforcement officials of any suspected child abuse.

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