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Thomas Loves Christmas

Christmas is less than two months away. Thomas knows that Mills Home will soon be lit up by the glow of colorful lights. The Christmas trees will be brightly decorated in all the cottages. And church groups and community friends will begin to visit bearing food and gifts. Stories will be shared about the season’s true meaning.

“Christmas is about celebrating Jesus’s birth,” the twelve-year-old explains.

Thomas is about to experience his fourth Christmas season at Mills Home. He knows how meaningful Christmas is to the boys and girls who live with him at Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) Thomasville campus.

“It makes us feel happy when people visit and bring presents,” he says. “They do it to be kind and helpful. Church folks come with gifts, we have prayer, and Bible verses about the birth of Jesus are read.”

Thomas understands what a privilege it is to receive gifts. “There are people in other countries who don’t have as much as we do. Some don’t even have food, water or clothes.”

Thomas is also aware of the needs of the other children who come into care. He knows it will be the first Christmas for many at Mills Home and BCH locations across North Carolina.

“Some of them come in with only the clothes and shoes they have on,” he shares. “They may only have one or two things. That’s why there are folks at Mills Home to take them shopping and get the things they need.”

The funds provided by churches, community partners and other friends are so important at this time of year. Christmas sponsors make it possible for BCH’s boys and girls to have clothes and daily necessities.

The generosity of friends also makes it possible for children to receive presents and experience activities that create Christmas memories that last a lifetime.

“Getting presents –– something that’s new, is important,” Thomas says “New clothes or a new toy can be fun for the new children.”

Thomas and his older brother Jon will see their grandparents during Christmas. The brothers are able to experience the joy of the season at Mills Home and also spend a few days with family.

Because of the heartbreaking situations that prevent some children from being with family, their Christmas day will be celebrated at BCH. As always, the cottage parents, through the generous support of churches and friends, make sure the children have an unforgettable time.

“When folks from churches get us things, and then when we get to see them the next year, you can go up to that person who bought the present last year and say, ‘Thank you. This gift was amazing!’”

You can help create Christmas memories that will last a lifetime for Thomas and other children at BCH. Become a Christmas Sponsor today - click here to send your gift!

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