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Worship and fun are the heart of BCH Olympic Games

The 2017 Olympic Games held on May 20 started with prayer and ended with a time of praise and worship. In between, Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) boys, girls and special needs adults from across the state competed in a number of events.

“Coming together for the games each year is not just about the ‘spirit of competition’ but it’s about the Holy Spirit,” said Michael C. Blackwell, BCH President/CEO, who kicked-off the day-long event. “Everything we do at Baptist Children’s Homes points the children and these special adults to God.”

The event is held annually at Mills Home in Thomasville, BCH’s oldest campus. With BCH locations stretching from the mountains of Western North Carolina to the eastern area of the state, centrally located Mills Home is a perfect spot.

Games range from highly-competitive rounds of tug-of-war to overly-messy pudding eating contests. At the end of the day, faces are not only covered by the remnants of chocolate pudding but they are also covered with wide smiles.

“This day shows the heart of the BCH ministry,” Blackwell said. “It is a time of family, faith and fun that brings out the child in us all.”

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