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Family First Supporters Make New Attempt: Join Us In Prayer

We have learned that supporters of the Family First Act have once again renewed their efforts to see the bill pass. This time, they are working to have the proposed legislation attached to a continuing resolution in hopes to move it forward quickly.

Thanks to your passionate efforts and reaching out to our North Carolina senators and representatives, the Family Prevention Services Act H.R. 5456 was---TWO TIMES---kept from moving forward. However, while our NC legislators continue to stand up for high-quality, family-focused congregate care organizations such as Baptist Children's Homes, there are other national proponents of H.R 5456 reaching out to politicians in their states and urging them to push it through.

Now is the time for prayer.

You have already spoken up on behalf of children and families and our NC senators and representatives have not only heard you but have stood up for us! They are doing everything they can. Please join us in praying that H.R 5456, in its current form that limits the amount of time children can be placed in a residential setting, does not pass. There may be some benefits to children and families through H.R. 5456, but any legislation that prohibits all options being available for the well-being of a child is not the solution.

Please pray that H.R. 5456 can be amended to lift the restrictions on compassionate congregate organizations such as Baptist Children's Homes.

Pray that our North Carolina legislators will stand strong.

And please pray for all of us who provide caring services so that children and families may experience hope, healing and a future filled with success.

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