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Worthwhile Investments: A Good Start to the School Year Helps a Child Succeed

It has been a very busy summer for our children. Thanks to you, they have enjoyed Vacation Bible School, a trip to the beach (which they enjoyed even though they did not go into the ocean because of the shark threat), an excursion to the zoo, Family Gathering 4 – when Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) brings all residents and staff together for a great day of fun, fellowship and worship – swimming, picnics, a water slide, and all the other activities that go with creating great summer memories.

The days of summer are passing quickly. It is hard to believe that in a few short weeks children will be heading back to school. As you know, starting back to school is expensive for any family, but especially for BCH’s family. The need is tremendous; however we are confident with your help we will meet the ever-increasing cost of preparing this large number of children for a new school year – and with every new school year, you help children prepare for a better life!

Why are Back–to-School gifts so important?

Jasmine often did not know where she would be sleeping or if there would be food to eat in the morning when she awoke. She looked forward to school, if for no other reason, because of the breakfast and lunch that awaited her. Going to so many schools and being hungry made it very hard for Jasmine to succeed academically.

Katherine came into BCH’s Family Care program with two boys. Her husband was shot and killed in their front yard by a drive by shooter. Her family watched him die.

Katherine and her husband had good jobs and were doing well. But after his death, everything fell apart. The small family could not continue living in the apartment on one income and the memory of her husband’s death in the front yard was more than she and her children could bear. With very little support, Katherine needed to find a safe place for her boys. She needed a place where she could put her life back together.

Day after day, Trevor dreaded going to school. He dreaded the taunting and bullying. He hated the way it made him feel. He wanted to be invisible, but at the same time he did not want to be alone. He wanted friends. He wanted people to care about him.

Travis’ mom and dad were addicts. Many nights, Travis was left alone. He had no one reading him bedtime stories or helping him with his homework. One Friday when Travis was only seven years old, his mother dropped him off at the home of an acquaintance. His mother told her friend she was going to the store and would be back in a few minutes. That Monday, she had still not returned. Travis was left wondering when, or if, his mother was coming home.

What do Jasmine, Katherine and her two boys, Trevor, and Travis all have in common? They have all experienced trauma. They have all felt alone. They have all been without hope.

Their stories could have ended in hopelessness. But because of friends like you, this was not the end of their stories. These six and thousands of others found a new beginning at BCH.

Why are Back-to-School gifts so important?

Your gift helps girls like Jasmine believe again. Thanks to you, Jasmine has new hope. Thanks to the support and encouragement she received at BCH, Jasmine graduated from high school.

Katherine found a safe place where she could deal with the grief of losing her husband. Katherine went back to school, graduated with a degree in 2014, and has left BCH’s Family Care Program. She is once again giving her boys the home life and support they need to learn and grow.

Trevor is a rising senior at Pisgah High School and plans to go to college. Travis graduated high school in June and will be attending Liberty University this fall with plans to major in psychology. He dreams of one day coming back to BCH’s Cameron Boys Camp, where he received his new beginning, to serve as a chief.

What do Jasmine, Katherine and her two boys, Trevor, and Travis have in common? They have each experienced God’s amazing love and grace!

Last year, we cared for 15,690 individuals. There is a knock every day on our door. Thanks to you, this door of hope stays open and we are able to wrap loving arms around children and families and share with them they are indeed precious in God’s sight.

To find out how you can be a Back-to-School sponsor and help prepare one or more of BCH’s children for the new school year, call me at 336-474-1230. Your gift helps buy a child a new pair of athletic shoes, a book bag, clothes, supplies, or a computer for college.

You are making a BIG difference. Thank you!

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