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Weekday Education in Thomasville Honored By Group

The North Carolina Child Care Commission commended Baptist Children’s Homes' Weekday Education program through a resolution commemorating the program’s 50th anniversary on May 11. The resolution was drafted by Commissioner Rev. C.F. McDowell, III. McDowell served as BCH’s Executive Vice President, Special Ministries and was on staff from 1997 to 2008.

“During my tenure of service, I witnessed firsthand BCH’s priority of and commitment

to providing quality child care to the children and families of the Thomasville area,” McDowell told the group. “During these 50 years, it has sought to be a leader in Davidson County in the field of child care and a model for churches across North Carolina who provide this service.”

Following McDowell’s presentation to adopt the resolution, Commissioner Sue Creech

stated, “I have been a Baptist since I was 14 months old. I know this place. I have been

to this place, and I second the motion.”

The non-binding resolution was adopted by the Commission as an expression of congratulations and appreciation.

“It is always humbling to be recognized by those beyond our Baptist world for our culture

of excellence,” BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell said. “It is even more affirming to be recognized by such a distinguished group. We deeply appreciate the Commission’s and Rev. McDowell’s high regards of this vital ministry.”

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