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Founders Day Gives Guest a Glimpse Into Life at Camp Duncan in Aberdeen

Camp Duncan in Aberdeen held its annual “Founders Day” on September 9 hosting friends both old and new. The event was the first time Eric Davidson, the Interim Associational Missionary for Sandy Creek Baptist Association, visited the year-round residential wilderness camp for girls.

“I have been a Baptist for 28 years, and I have never been to one of these homes before,” Davidson said. “Every Baptist ought to see what I have seen today because it has changed me.”

The girl campers shared with Davidson and guests how their lives have been transformed at Camp Duncan. As a part of the day, they gave guided tours of the campsite where they live including the outdoor shelters where they eat and sleep.

“I was almost brought to tears when I saw a teddy bear on one of the girls’ beds. It made me think about my own daughter,” Davidson said. “That made it very real for me.”

The day concluded with a short program and lunch which was prepared by Duncan’s staff. The meal offered one more opportunity for the girls to spend time with their guests and share what they’ve been learning.

“They talked a lot about goals and working on different things which are good,” Davidson said. “Camp provides an atmosphere where they can do that.”

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