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Fancy Finds

Fancy Finds is MANY things! It’s anupscale resale shop. It’s a service that breathes new life into your timeworn furniture. It’s also an outreach that changes lives!

Every furniture item and decorative piece at Fancy Finds’ resale outlet is special. Timeworn items have been donated and many repurposed into something beautiful and unique.

Just as new life has been breathed into these items, 100% of the proceeds generated from Fancy Finds variety of services goes to enrich the lives of children, aging adults and families served through Baptist Children’s Homes of NC.

Fancy Finds offers repurposed home decor, custom repurposing, DIY classses, estate sale services and consignment donations. 

Fancy Finds’ resale store is open the first & third Friday and Saturday of each month starting at 10 am.

Contact Information

Would you like to learn more about our shop, volunteering, donating or our estate sale services? Please contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

Renee Gregory - Director of Fancy Finds

704.909.8223   ♦   ♦

Fancy Finds is located at 201- E Idol Street, Thomasville, NC 27360

Fancy Finds offers a variety of services...

Repurposed Home Decor

Whether you like retro, vintage, antiques or uncovering the dazzling potential in a discarded object, you'll find your style at Fancy Finds, your upscale retail shop (opening in 2016). Embracing the green, thrift, and DIY movements, Fancy Finds offers gently-used items — items with potential for repurposing, and ones that have been artfully restored.

Custom Repurposing

Got an idea for transforming your timeworn item but prefer to let an expert handle the creative process?

Fancy Finds can breathe new life into your furniture or home décor piece. The custom repurposing fee is used to aid Baptist Children’s Homes’ children, aging adults and families in the nonprofit’s care

Estate Sale Services

Finding a new home for furniture and items that have accumulated throughout the years isn’t an easy task.

Whether you are emptying your garage, downsizing or liquidating the estate of a loved one, Fancy Finds' estate sale service can assist you. You can donate your items to us, or we will help you to sell them. And we are able to coordinate the sale of your loved one’s estate while minimizing stress and maximizing returns. By choosing our estate sale service, you are making a difference in the lives of the children, aging adults and families Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina serves.

Personalized DIY Classes

Would you like to learn how to creatively repurpose or restore your furniture and home décor pieces?

Fancy Finds’ Personalized Do It Yourself classes teaches you how to transform your timeworn items into vintage-style, art deco masterpieces. Classes can be as short as one hour. Longer, more extensive classes are perfect for church groups, birthdays, bridal showers or even team-building with your co-workers. Bring in the ideas that you’ve seen on Pinterest and social media sites and our personalized classes will show you how to bring them to life.

Consignment Donations

We make it easy to sell your furniture and home décor items through Fancy Finds' upscale resale shop.

When your item sells as a part of our consignment service, you receive 60% of the proceeds while Fancy Finds uses the other 40% to benefit the children, aging adults and families served by Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina. Or you can simply donate your items knowing they will support a life-changing cause. If your consignment item does not sell after 90 days, you can pick it up or donate it to Fancy Finds.

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