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Shelves grow bare due to Food Roundup postponement

Many events and activities at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) have been postponed or canceled altogether because of COVID-19, but few have been as impactful as delaying the Food Roundup. The annual food drive was originally scheduled to take place in April.

“It’s been difficult because we have seen shelves, once stocked with food and supplies, become bare,” said Brenda Gray, BCH Executive Vice President, Development and Communications.

The annual Food Roundup brings in approximately $750,000 in non-perishable food, supplies and gift cards that have been collected through the efforts of North Carolina Baptist churches and associations across the state. Gray’s department is responsible for working with the churches to collect the much-needed items.

“Our churches are always the first ones to stand up and say, ‘how can we help the children?’ Gray says. “Even in this challenging climate, they have done everything in their power to support them.”

The hope is the churches can make up the deficit the delay in the Food Roundup has caused.

The resources BCH provides to the churches, including a needs list , flyers and social media graphics, have all been updated to help them promote. The new materials are being mailed out at the beginning of August but are available immediately at

“Whether it’s through e-mail newsletters, online services or social media, we want to equip church leaders to use all their platforms to spread the word,” Gray shares.

For many of the boys and girls, who have been removed from their homes because of abuse and neglect, BCH is the first place where they have been able to count on being fed regularly. The collected food shows the love of Christ in action.

“When children see the food collected by North Carolina Baptists across the state, it opens up an opportunity to share the Gospel,” Gray explains. “Our cottage parents are able to tell them they do this because of their love for Jesus. A warm, regular meal is a direct line to their hearts.”

Note: The need for churches to participate in the September Food Roundup is essential! For more information and resources, visit or contact BCH Food Roundup coordinator Alan Williams at 336-474-1277 or

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