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Love creates a ripple effect for generations to come

It was a beautiful day. My grandmother decided it was a great day to visit West Pond. Our family gathered fishing poles, bait and lunch, and we embarked on an adventure. There was always a contest to see who could catch the “biggest” or the “most” fish. When we arrived, I rushed for my cane pole ready to catch the big one.

I tossed the line, the bobber hit the water and, from the splash, a beautiful ripple was created that seemed to go outward forever.

It did not take long before I was bored.

I knew there were more adventures waiting. So, I walked around the water’s edge being careful to watch for snakes (which terrify me) since the grass was particularly high. In my path, I found some great skipping rocks. Have you ever noticed the ripple effect when you toss a rock to skip on a pond’s surface? It causes small waves and the small waves expand from the point where the rock touches the water rippling across the pond.

When you touch our ministry with your prayerful support you create a “ripple” effect. You make things happen for those in need. You touch lives that touch other lives that to this day continue touching others.

A letter came across my desk this week, it was from a BCH friend and faithful supporter, David Clark, who lives in Elizabethtown. Mr. Clark sent a gift to celebrate the birthday of his 80-year-old friend Paul Gibson Butler, Jr. In the envelope, Mr. Clark also enclosed the letter he had received from his friend Mr. Butler.

Mr. Butler wrote: “I will be 80 years old this coming Friday, May 1, 2020. I am sending this letter to 80 of my friends, both near and far, to ask that you help celebrate my birthday.”