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Children don’t need a system, they need a family

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Picture this, more than 16,000 children are in the North Carolina Foster Care System. That’s the size of the City of Morganton or the Town of Clayton. These children don’t need to be in a system. They need to be in a home. These children need love, acceptance, blessing. They need a loving family in a loving environment. They need to feel—in the words of an old hymn—” safe and secure from all alarm.” This is where you come in. You and your church can do so much to alleviate the harsh reality of this system by realizing foster care as a personal option or as an outreach in your church.

BCH’s Every Child Foster & Adoption Ministry is catching on throughout North Carolina. More than 700 churches have shown an interest in foster care, adoption, and foster to adopt. Check out for more information.

Every child deserves a safe, stable, and loving home. Our mission—in partnership with the Baptist State Convention—is to ensure that every child in North Carolina receives the caring home he or she deserves. Currently, BCH has 162 foster homes and there are 157 children being served. The total number of foster children who

have been served is 624. The church is the answer. YOU are the answer.

BCH will train and license couples in churches to be foster

parents. We will see that

you get the support, love, and encouragement you need. This is a win-win situation. Children—

whom Jesus said “of such is the Kingdom of God”—will feel protected, encouraged, and loved. You, as a foster parent, will share in a godly ministry.

On the day I write these words, I spent an hour with many of our Foster Care Program staff from across the state. One veteran staff member told of having three foster children, all three of whom were subsequently adopted.

We have Trustees who have adopted children they first fostered in their home. Challenges? Of course. Blessings? Absolutely! Let me encourage you, your church, or your Association to discover the Blessed Assurance of doing something about the plight of homeless children. Write Dr. Mark Smith, our BCH staff member who is shepherding the Every Child initiative. He will reply immediately to your entreaty. His email is

BCH’s new strategic plan is entitled EMBRACE—for such a time as this. We are in an upward spiral of growth and much of that is in foster care, adoption, and foster to adopt. Join with us. You will experience Riches Beyond Measure.

Learn more at

Written by Michael C. Blackwell, President/CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)

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