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Blackwell marks 38th anniversary with special podcast

Dr. Michael C. Blackwell called on BCH's Jim Edminson, left, and John Adamcik, right, to guest host an episode of his bi-monthly podcast "It's a family matter." The two interviewed Blackwell to discuss his 38 years as president/CEO. The Podcast airs July 12.

For Dr. Michael C. Blackwell, leadership is an opportunity and a responsibility. “Leaders are to be available, to be seen and heard, and to give a clear message for those they lead...celebrating and encouraging those who look to them for vision and direction” said Blackwell.

Such was the case when Blackwell invited two of his team to join him in recording an “It’s a family matter” podcast to celebrate his anniversary as leader of the Carolinas’ largest family, Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH).

As BCH’s longest-serving president and chief executive officer, Blackwell enters his 39th year “inspiring, motivating, and engendering trust” among his staff, those in care, and the many stakeholders who help BCH fulfill its mission of “Sharing Hope…Changing Lives.”

Since launching “It’s a family matter” in 2019, Blackwell has recorded more than fifty episodes while the podcast has been recognized for excellence by Baptist Communicators Association, a national group of Baptist communicators established in 1953.

Although Blackwell knew he would be inviting Jim Edminson and John Adamcik to help with the interview, he enjoyed letting them in on the plan just prior to recording. Over the years, Edminson, assistant to the president and editor of BCH’s publication, Charity and Children, along with Adamcik, BCH’s director of human resources, have enjoyed and appreciated Blackwell’s vigorous, robust example for a Christfocused ministry serving vulnerable individuals and families. They are also used to being ready to help share the BCH story, with or without advanced notice.

“Dr. Blackwell is a dynamic leader,” said Edminson. “His remarkable tenure at the highest level of organizational responsibility is due, in part, to his constant drive to learn, engage, and grow himself, BCH, and those who follow him in service.”

Adamcik agreed. “Dr. Blackwell does things with intention. He also likes to have fun and help keep us on our toes, as it were.” To lead an established, dynamic organization such as BCH for decades requires staying true to the mission, while also keeping things fresh, exciting, and results-focused. As he celebrates this 38th anniversary milestone, Blackwell gives glory to God and appreciation to his BCH family.

Blackwell’s anniversary edition of “It’s a family matter” begins streaming July 12. Listen by visiting online at

Article written by John Adamcik, BCH Director of Human Resources

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