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BCA awards Blackwell first place in writing, new podcast wins award

Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) received a record thirteen awards from this year’s national Baptist Communicators Association’s (BCA) awards competition. BCA is a national group and organizes the annual Wilmer C. Fields Awards Competition. The purpose of the competition is to recognize the best image-makers and storytellers in Baptist life. Every year, hundreds of entries are submitted by Baptist-affiliated organizations from across the United States.

BCH president/CEO was awarded first place in writing for his blog post “Transmitting values to children: Five tips for building relationship. A first place was also awarded to Carol Layton, Jim Edminson and Blake Ragsdale in design for North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry’s (NCBAM) “Passport: Supporting Foster Families.” Layton received another first place in design for NCBAM’s “Peace of Mind” flyer.

Last year, BCH produced it first podcast, “It’s a family matter.” The podcast features Blackwell as he interviews special guests. The first episode aired June 27 and two episodes are released monthly. The podcast was awarded second place for “over all show” and the episode “Heart of a Cottage Parent” (Sept. 2, 2019) was awarded third place in the “best” episode category.

Ragsdale was awarded second place for the “Hope and Future” BCH offering video. Layton received a second place for the video “Once There Was a Star” and third place for NCBAM’s “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!” video which commemorated NCBAM’s tenth anniversary.

Layton also received second for the design of “The First Ten Years” and a third place for “One Hope” in the communications and/or marketing strategy category.

Ragsdale won second place for his photo entitled “Desperate Brothers” and took a third for his photo “Makala’s Forever Family.” His “Hope and Future” logo design was awarded third.

Ragsdale serves as BCH’s communications director and is the managing editor of Charity & Children (C&C). Layton is NCBAM’s director of communications and administration. NCBAM is a BCH ministry founded by Blackwell in 2009 in partnership with the Baptist State Convention of NC. Edminson is Assistant to the President and marks two decades in 2020 serving as C&C editor.

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