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“All I have is $1.36.Can you help me?”

Six-year-old Kevin came to his cottage parents after the first day of school. He had just come to live at Baptist Children’s Homes because his family could not care for him the way he needed.

Kevin was noticeably anxious as he handed his cottage mother a small piece of paper and several coins. He said, “Here is my list for school, and here is $1.36 I’ve saved to buy school supplies. I know it’s not much, but it’s all I have. Can you help me?

Stunned, his cottage parents embraced Kevin. They assured him that they are there for him and that he didn’t have to worry about having the things he needed any longer. “Here, you can have your $1.36 back,” his cottage mother said as the boy began to smile. “You can buy something for yourself when we go shopping.”

Your back-to-school gift ensures that children like Kevin have the backpacks, clothes, and most of all, the care they never had before coming to Baptist Children’s Homes.

School days are just ahead, and we must begin preparing now to help our current and new boys and girls who are counting on us to care for them and show them the love they deserve.

Give your back-to-school gift today, and thank you for changing the lives of children like Kevin.

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