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A Book for the Ages -- BCH President/CEO Publishes New History Book

Writers write books because they have a need to write books. It comes from their passion to tell a story. Dr. Michael C. Blackwell wrote his new book Founded on faith...Built on love because he says it was “absolutely imperative to let our various publics know the diversification and the tremendous growth” that Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) has experienced in the past two decades.

Subtitled Thriving on hope: The Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina, this new history book tells the story of the last 20 years while summarizing the entire spectrum of BCH from 1885 through 2020.

“Honestly, I think if I were coming in new as the president and looking at this brand new, it could be rather intimidating seeing the depth and breadth and height of the ministry today,” Blackwell says.

Founded on faith...Built on love tells of BCH’s life-changing, miracle-making, hope-sharing history and is a must-read for all who hold the 135-year-old ministry close to their hearts. The book is filled with color pictures and inspiring stories of drama, courage, and ultimate victory.

“I was humbled with the task of writing this follow-up to my book, A Place for Miracles, which detailed more than a century of Baptist Children’s Homes history,” Blackwell says.

The new BCH history book, Founded on faith...Built on love, is Dr. Blackwell’s sixth book, and according to him, his last book. But in a recent Lexington Dispatch article, writer Jill Doss-Raines writes: “While he truly believes it when he is saying it, those who know him best know he’s a voracious communicator, writer, and huge history buff that always finds more words that need to be said about the charity he has led for 38 years.”

As Blackwell writes in the introduction of the book, “No written history ever can be complete because every day writes another page.”

Throughout Blackwell’s tenure, there has been an emphasis on archiving the day-to-day comings and goings of the 135-year-old ministry. His commitment to Charity & Children and BCH’s various digital media platforms is key to his vision of documenting history. The children’s residential campuses, Mills Home, Kennedy Home, Odum Home, and Broyhill Home, are living archives with each location being noted for its historical significance. Cedar Dell at Kennedy Home and Mitchell Cottage at Mills Home are restored historic buildings that take visitors back in time the minute they walk over the thresholds.

“This ministry is built on the shoulders of great servants and to retain their story as we move further into the future, writing more history is a solemn responsibility” Blackwell says. “In writing this new book, it was imperative to capture all the truly significant things that have occurred in the last two decades. We needed an update so our present would know and our future would appreciate the living and breathing history of this dynamic ministry.”

Founded on faith...Built on love features 160 pages and contains hundreds of full-color photos. The 8 1/2 by 11 inch, softcover book outlines the most current ministries and the impact they are having on the lives of children and families––telling their personal stories.

“As important as it was to write the book,” Blackwell says, “it is just as important that as many people as possible read it. The beautiful design and many color photos draw people to the book. When readers open the cover and start reading the first word, they are not disappointed. It’s a must for all who hold this ministry close to their hearts.”

Receive an autographed copy or copies of Blackwell’s new book Founded on faith...Built on love by paying $20.00 per book––which includes shipping and handling. Multiple books can be ordered, but be sure to include an additional $20.00 for each book. There are only a limited number of books left, so order now––when they’re gone, that’s it.

A generous grant provided by the Broyhill Family Foundation made this historical project possible.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Dr. Blackwell's new book, please call Pam Burgess at 336.474.1286.

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