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Thomasville honors Dr. Blackwell

During the 70th Annual Meeting of the Thomasville Chamber of Commerce on January 31, BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell was awarded the prestigious City of Thomasville “Outstanding Citizen of the Year” award.

“There are few people who embody as many attributes as Dr. Michael C. Blackwell,” Dr. Christian Brandyberry said when presenting the award. “He is a transformational leader, bold visionary, religious statesman, and powerful communicator.”

Blackwell was invited as the meeting’s inspirational speaker and was unaware he would receive the honor. “There is something so special about an award like this,” he said. “Being recognized at home by neighbors and friends means the world to me.”

When addressing the group at the beginning of the evening’s program, Blackwell recounted former Thomasville Mayor Joe Bennett’s commenting on the disappearance of the town’s furniture manufacturing –– “we may be down, but we are not out.” Blackwell told those attending that he is most proud of the “never give up” spirit of the city he calls home.

Three other awards were given to exemplary members of the Thomasville community: Captain Eddie Bowling, Thomasville Fire Department’s emergency management director, won the Spirit Award. Pastor Dr. Keith Carroll won the Chairman’s Award, and former educator Emily Lambeth received the Founder’s Award.

“We love this community. We love this town,” Blackwell said upon receiving his award. “Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) wants to do everything that we can to affirm and bless and empower this community in any way that we can to make this one of the greatest places ever to live and work and play. That’s our commitment to you from BCH and my personal commitment to this our home.”

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