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The comfort of loving arms

The snow is on the mountain of our Broyhill Campus. It is a beautiful sight with lights and luminaries lining the campus. Each cottage is filled with the aroma of fresh baked Christmas cookies and warm apple cider. The Christmas Tree adorns the corner of the living room and at night creates a beautiful halo effect.

Night begins to fall all around the campus and quiet engulfs the grounds. That is outside, but on the inside of each cottage is lots of activity. Children are so excited about the many activities planned for this special time of year. Smiles are on the faces of so many of our children as they display their excitement with squeals of joy and laughter.

Many smiles, but not on the face of one of the boys. He is sad and apprehensive about what the holidays might hold for him.

His Dad has been sick for some time and is not able to take care of him. His Mom has struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol since before he was born.

A few days before Christmas his Mom calls to say she has presents and will be coming to visit him. This one phone call made the difference. His sadness turned to hope. Mom was coming to visit on Christmas day.

When he shared the good news with his house parents they offered to invite her for Christmas dinner. "This is going to be the best Christmas ever" he shouted and went about telling all the boys in the cottage that his Mom was coming to visit him for Christmas.

Christmas morning arrives and his house Mom is already busy with getting the turkey in the oven and preparing pies and cakes for the big feast. The wonderful aroma fills the cottage. The excitement is just about more than this young boy can contain.

He begins checking his watch as time nears for his mom’s arrival. After he asked his house parents for the eighth time, “Do you think she will be here soon?” they send him outside to ride his bike to use up some of his nervous energy. He rides around the cottage several times before coming back in to settle himself where he can watch for her arrival.

She is now over an hour late. The phone rings, “It’s your Mom shares his houseparent." He runs to grab the phone. “Will you be here soon,” he asked? “No, the car is broke down and I am not going to be able to come.”

He could hear in her slurred speech the evidence that she was drinking. When he got off the phone he was so angry.

His anger was a reflection of his deep hurt. He cried out, "She is not coming, she is drunk once again." He ran into the arms of his house father and wept.

And Jesus said..."Come to me all who are weary..."

You have helped this precious boy find comfort in the arms of loving houseparents at Baptist Children's Homes! Will you consider helping other children find the comfort of loving arms?

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