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Trustees adopt strategic plan

A year-long process between Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) staffers and trustees yielded a new strategic plan – 20/20: A Clear Vision. It was adopted during this year’s first Board of Trustee meeting on January 16.

“What became ‘clear’ to us, as we gathered to discuss where God is leading us as an organization, is that we cannot stand still even in the midst of the success that has been achieved,” BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell said.

The planning process was facilitated by Carl Anderson, a BCH trustee who taught strategic planning during his years as a professor at UNC-Chapel Hill.

“The process was staff driven,” Anderson said. “Ideas that emerged from staff ideas are the drivers of future performance.”

Stimulating growth is an overarching objective of the new five-year plan. Its three components consist of “Growing Ministries,” “Growing Talent” and “Growing Friends.”

“The strength of this plan relies on our greatest resource – BCH’s friends,” Blackwell said. “We stand on the shoulders of men and women of faith who lift up the mission of ‘sharing hope. . .changing lives.’ Growing friendships is vital, and we must see relationships multiply as we move into the future.”

The plan lays out initiatives to strengthen and broaden BCH’s base of support, which is comprised mainly of individuals and churches.

“We are blessed with many long-standing friends in our churches, however, we have also witnessed many of those relationships change as church leaderships undergo transitions,” Blackwell explained. “We want these churches to know that there is an opportunity to share the gospel and strengthen children and families in their communities by partnering with BCH in ministry.”

The Growing Ministries portion of the plan is dedicated to exploring new opportunities related to BCH’s umbrella of services which ranges from caring for the tiniest babies to providing support to the frail aging.

Growing Talent is focused on identifying existing staff members who have potential to be BCH’s next generation of leadership. It also outlines objectives to bolster recruiting efforts especially as it pertains to care givers in both BCH’s cottage homes as well as its homes for developmentally disabled adults.

“The plan will propel growth in multiple aspects of ministry,” Blackwell said. “It will empower us to impact even more lives.”

Learn more about the many services and 22 locations where BCH serves children and families at

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