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Become a "Sweet Dreams" Bed Sponsor

"These are my angel friends. I don't know them but they watch over my bed."

These are the precious words of Ella, a seven-year-old girl who has found a safe home at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH). One day, a group of visitors was taking a tour of Ella’s cottage where she lives with her cottage parents and the other children. Ella proudly showed the group her bedroom and pointed out the bed sponsor plaques that hang by her bed. Each plaque bears the name of a bed sponsor, or in Ella’s words, the names of her “angel friends.”

Ella knows how much friends like you care.

Ella sees the names of her bed sponsors before bedtime every night and knows that she is loved. When you become a Sweet Dreams Bed Sponsor, you provide food, clothing, school supplies -- all the things a child needs every day. Most importantly, that child sees your name on the bed sponsorship plaque in his or her bedroom and knows you care. Seeing your name reminds a child, like Ella, that there are adults like you she can count on!

Be a monthly bed sponsor & let a child know she is loved.

You can become a bed sponsor for only $25 per month. You may sponsor a room with two children for $50 per month or an entire cottage for $250 per month. Your monthly donation can be conveniently set up as an automatic recurring payment using your credit card. The plaque engraved with your name will be mounted in the child’s bedroom. Use the enclosed reply card to submit the information to be engraved on your plaque. You receive additional plaques for multiple sponsorships. If room permits, you can add a short, encouraging message or scripture. You may also choose to make your gift in honor or memory of a special person in your life.

Use your credit card online or you can call BCH’s Alan Williams at 336-474-1277 to renew your sponsorship by phone.

Be an “angel friend” to a child! Click here and become a bed sponsor today. Thank you!

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