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How did you make a difference in 2017?

Can you feel it?

Place your hand on your chest. Feel the rhythm of your heart. On an average of 80 beats per minute, the heart beats a staggering 42,048,000 times in a year. Life courses through your body with every beat.

Our hearts are not so different from what's at the core of Baptist Children's Homes (BCH). We are many ministries (more than a dozen, in fact) beating with one purpose. It's a rhythm of hope that stretches across North Carolina and beyond. From the tiniest baby rescued to the abused child to the frail aging adult, lives are changed with each passing beat. Can you feel it?

For each person's distinct story of hurt and sorrow, there is a unique BCH ministry ready to help. These many ministries beat with one heart and send hope coursing into the lives of children, families, special needs adults, single moms - thousands of people every year!

Yet, BCH's heart does not beat alone. We are joined with the hearts of friends like you who pray and gift sacrificially. At the center of it all is Jesus Christ. It is His perfect love pulsating through His people that ensures those we serve - the people we hold so dear - may have life and have it more abundantly.

Click here to learn how Baptist Children's Homes many ministries can help you and your family.


2017 Outreach Impact Numbers

Together we have accomplished much in the past year.

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