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Optimizing You

This column is the final in a series of lessons on health and reaching your optimum you!

Meditation: Get in touch with yourself.

Although I’m going to devote the least amount of space to this part of the triad – diet, exercise and meditation – that doesn’t diminish its importance.

For you, it may be the most important of the three.

The Judeo-Christian tradition may define meditation as seeking the mind of God or searching for the presence of Spirit. It is a personal practice for me, and I encourage you to do it.

But, unlike those who say you can pray anywhere, you cannot meditate while driving the car, or golfing, or fishing or throwing a baseball with your kids.

You must set yourself apart from the demands of your life. Jerk yourself from the gravitational pull of every little planet that insists you orbit around it.

Meditation can be, and sometimes is, silent prayer for me. I’m not verbalizing thoughts, but waiting for whatever the Spirit impresses on me.

Take a moment, catch your breath, hear yourself breathe. Inhale slowly and hold the breath, then exhale slowly.

I use a phone app that creates relaxing background noise for me. “Noise” is an insufficient word to descri