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28 Days of Kindness - Small things make a big difference

28 Days of Kindness with Baptist Children's Homes

As February approaches, we want to encourage you to join us for 28 Days of Kindness. Each day we will feature a specific act of kindness on our facebook page. But who says acts of kindness should only be for February? We have compiled a list of 60 acts of kindness you can do not only in February, but throughout the year. It only takes one small act of kindness to make a big difference in the lives of others!

60 Acts of Kindness to do throughout the year

  1. Let someone go ahead of you in the line at the grocery store

  2. Eat lunch with someone new

  3. Offer up your seat - On the bus or subway train, in a crowded meeting or classroom

  4. Compliment someone or multiple people

  5. Donate gently worn clothes to charity or to friends in need

  6. Become a Sweet Dreams bed sponsor –

  7. Let someone merge, turn, or get in front of you while driving

  8. Call someone just to say “I love you” or “I appreciate you”

  9. Donate your old books to friends or charity

  10. Leave a good review for a business or charity

  11. Create an appreciation day for a friend

  12. Help provide meals all year long by becoming a Baptist Children's Homes Food Angel – click here

  13. Pick up trash in your neighborhood, a local park or along the street

  14. Send a letter (not a text, not an email) to a friend

  15. Leave a bouquet at the hospital or nursing home — the nurses will know who needs it the most.

  16. Shower the pediatric wing of a hospital with $1 coloring books and $2 boxes of new crayons.

  17. Put sticky notes with positive messages (e.g., "You look gorgeous!") on a restroom mirror.

  18. Help provide 700,000 meals through Baptist Children's Homes Food Roundup –

  19. Send a thank-you note to the brave officers at your local police station. (Given how we carry on about parking tickets, it's important to acknowledge the daily risks taken by the men and women on the force.)

  20. Arrange to pay anonymously for a soldier's breakfast when you see him or her dining alone.

  21. Donate your old professional clothes to an organization that helps women jump-start their careers — and up their confidence.

  22. Offer your mail carrier a glass of iced tea or a $5 Starbucks gift card.

  23. Sing an employee's praises to a manager or on a comment card — a little recognition goes a long way.

  24. Share your favorite thing about Baptist Children’s Homes with someone new.

  25. Share happy memories. Stick an old photo in the mail to a friend and write a note about the day it was taken on the back.

  26. Send an ooey-gooey dessert over to another table at a restaurant.

  27. Send somebody an e-card, just because. The funnier, the better.

  28. Forgive someone. Repeat as necessary.

  29. Ask others — sincerely — what you can do to help.

  30. Donate old furniture or home décor items to Fancy Finds –

  31. Collect spare change from your home or car and donate to a worthy cause

  32. Bring your coworkers a special treat

  33. Put your phone away and be fully present

  34. Make two lunches and give one away

  35. Hold the elevator or door for someone.

  36. Write notes of encouragement to BCH’s houseparents and staff. Find a location nearest you -

  37. Make sure everyone in a group conversation feels included.

  38. Leave your server a BIG tip.

  39. Out of the blue, send flowers to a friend.

  40. Offer a homeless person your leftovers.

  41. Give someone your undivided attention.

  42. Adopt a cottage by providing for birthdays and other needs throughout the year at one of BCH’s 21 locations across the state. Find a location nearest you at

  43. Pay for the person behind you in line.

  44. Add food shelf donations to your shopping list.

  45. Leave a thank you for the trash collector.

  46. Give a valentine to a stranger or widow.

  47. Become a volunteer in your community.

  48. Volunteer at one of BCH’s many Friends of Children workdays –

  49. Speak to a stranger

  50. Make a meal for a family in need.

  51. Encourage your pastor or church staff.

  52. Give someone a hug who needs it

  53. Read a book to a child or at an after school program

  54. Help share the BCH ministry by inviting a speaker to come to your church or civic group –

  55. Thank your local firefighters, police officers and military personnel

  56. Use social media to genuinely compliment three people

  57. Share God’s goodness in your life

  58. Encourage someone today

  59. Share Charity & Children with a neighbor or register to receive it yourself –

  60. Leave treats on your neighbor’s doorstep

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