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Casey's First Bicycle Makes a Big Impact

Note: Casey's name and photo have been changed because of the sensitive nature of his situation.

Casey’s eyes grew wide as the new bicycles were unloaded. The 10-year-old boy stood alongside the other children at Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) Broyhill Home campus marveling at the shiny, two-wheeled Christmas gifts a generous church group provided.

So many of the boys and girls have never experienced a Merry Christmas and Casey was no exception.

Casey lived in impoverished conditions before coming to BCH. Casey’s family had very little and the boy was often neglected. His expectations for Christmas, and for life in general, were very low. He had never been asked to fill out a Christmas wish list before coming to BCH. He jotted down only a couple of games and small items.

“Which one of those bikes do you think is yours?” Broyhill Home director Linda Morgan asked Casey as the church group finished unloading the bikes.

Casey looked up at Linda and smiled. “I didn’t ask for a bike, Ms. Linda, but isn’t it great that all the rest of the kids are getting one?”

Linda held back her tears, but they weren’t tears of sadness. She was touched by how sincerely delighted Casey was for all the other boys and girls even though he was the only one not receiving a bicycle for Christmas.

It is nearly impossible for a child to have high expectations when your family has let you down by not even providing the most basic of daily necessities. But this is where you, church groups and other supportive friends step in and let a child like Casey know, “You can count on us!”

In my 33 years as Baptist Children's Homes' President, I have seen so many friends like you step forward to a blessing to our children. Year after year, Christmas sponsors make a big impact in the lives of children like Casey.

If you have never taken the opportunity to give to BCH during the Christmas season you are missing out on a remarkable blessing. Your gift ensures that boys and girls have nutritious food, a warm bed, caring houseparents and even a bicycle for a child who never expected to receive one.

Through a donation from friends just like you, Casey received his very first bicycle.

“Is that mine?!” a surprised Casey asked as a new bicycle was delivered to his BCH cottage on Christmas Eve.

Not only did Casey receive his bicycle but two other boys, who had recently arrived at BCH, also received bikes of their own.

If you have been a Christmas sponsor in the past -- thank you! I ask you to please give again this year.

Whether you have been a past sponsor or even if you have never made a gift, now is the perfect time to give. Your donation -- your investment in the life of a child -- will be matched dollar for dollar up to $250,000 through a special gift challenge. In other words, giving right now will double the amount of your gift! Help us meet the $250,000 goal by January 31, 2016.

You are the extended family for children, like Casey, who have no family to turn to! Thank you for being there for BCH’s boys and girls and letting them know that they are special and that they are loved!

You can ensure Baptist Children's Homes' residents have a Merry Christmas by becoming a sponsor today. Your gift, no matter the amount, will automatically be DOUBLED through the matching gift challenge. You can give online at or you can send your Christmas sponsorship to:

Baptist Children's Homes

P.O. Box 338

Thomasville, NC 27361

Attn: Christmas Sponsorship

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