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Baptist Children's Homes
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April 19, 2017
It was a tall order looking up to my Pawpaw

As a boy, I looked up to my grandfather. I had to – he stood nearly 6’ 5”. He was nimble, too. Tales of his contortions fascinated me. I remember as a six-year-old sitting, tugging and pulling one leg proudly around my neck. Pawpaw, as a young man, could tuck both feet behind each ear, wiggle his toes and act as if the feat was nothing at all.Pawpaw’s career began as a pole climber for the local electric power and ice company. With his pole spurs attached, he shimmied up the wood poles with read more


April 17, 2017
Monday's with the Prez!

Engaging in a staring contest with small children...getting the lowdown on favorite pop musicians from teen girls...asking staff members big life questions like “how do you want to be remembered?” – BCH president Michael C. Blackwell made Mondays in February memorable as the children and staff members on the Mills Home campus spent time with the Prez.On Monday, February 6, the smell of freshly popped popcorn caught the boys’ attention as they entered the meeting place after school. Blackwell read more


April 6, 2017
Hopelessness and despair...and then there was Easter!

There was hopelessness and despair. And then there was Easter.For many children in North Carolina, life’s journey can be difficult. This was truly the case for Jasmine, Jesse, Erin, and three siblings – precious little ones.Jasmine lived in a house where no one had time for her. She lived in a house where many nights she went to bed hungry. No one was there to read her a bedtime story, say prayers with her, or tuck her in and give her a goodnight hug. She knew the meaning of despair and read more


April 4, 2017
Moeisha makes connection at HOMEBASE

Moeisha is driving to meet friends. She puts her seatbelt on and turns the ignition key. The motor starts. Driving down the street, she looks in her rearview mirror.“It takes resilience to keep going forward,” she says. “It’s like looking at your past in a rearview mirror: You can always see it, but the farther away, the smaller and less significant it becomes.”The 20-year-old Western Carolina University (WCU) junior says she has put as much distance as she can between her and her “heart’s read more


March 29, 2017
Keeping siblings together takes commitment

Everyone agrees, it is important to keep brothers and sisters together when they are unable to live with one or both parents. However, it can be a challenge to find a family, even a foster family, that is prepared to care for three, four or five additional children. Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) is not only able but, with open arms, welcomes sibling groups.“Our main facilities are like neighborhoods,” says Keith Henry. “Our family-style homes line the streets, and children play in the yards and read more


March 24, 2017
Help us care for more boys and girls!

It is because of questions like this one -- a question asked to Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) caregivers by a hungry, little girl -- that makes your support of the Food Roundup so important. Before arriving at BCH’s statewide homes, many North Carolina children went without food, sometimes for days. Through the Food Roundup, your church provides them with approximately 700,000 meals and snacks -- enough for an entire year! Help us care for more boys & girls! Like last year, BCH will open read more


March 22, 2017
Couple Marries Passions for Motorcycles and Ministry

Jerry and Jeune Coffey’s love for motorcycles is only eclipsed by their love for ministry. As members of the Carolina Faith Riders, the husband and wife from Forest City have married their passions so they can share the Gospel wherever their bikes carry them.“It’s taken us places where we never thought we would be able to share God. We’ve spoken to the Hells Angels and the Outlaws,” Jeune says referring to the two infamous biker clubs. Their ministry has brought the Coffeys in contact with some read more


March 15, 2017
BCH Trustees experience Fancy Finds during meeting

Baptist Children’s Homes Trustees experienced first hand Fancy Finds – BCH’s new upscale resale store located at Mills Home in Thomasville. The group took a break from its semi-annual meeting on January 17 to browse the nearly 4,200 square foot store located off Idol Drive. The store which opened in 2016 offers retro, vintage and antique merchandise. Additional Fancy Finds offerings include “do-it-yourself” classes, consignment opportunities and estate sale services. The store is open two read more


March 13, 2017
Bridge building with a bowl of ice cream

Finding things we have in common is worth the effort.When I was four years old, I was introduced to Sam and Joe. I never grew tired of my mom reading the story of the big bear and the tiny mouse.My family was military and for the first seven years of my life, we lived in three countries and three states. I was constantly being introduced to new friends as we settled into new neighborhoods. Some children I played with were next door neighbors in three story base-housing apartments. I met other read more


March 10, 2017
Stevie and Sam's lives changed for eternity!

You change the lives of children in so many ways! Food, clothes, a safe place to live: these are a few of the things your generosity provides boys and girls at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH). These important comforts are the things we often think of when we make a gift. By helping, we hope to provide boys and girls with the provisions they have gone without before coming to BCH. Your investment in the lives of BCH’s boys and girls does just that, but it also does far more. Your gifts change read more


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