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February 27, 2017
Avoiding the crash of misunderstanding

My brother and I both had shiny red bicycles. The chrome spoked wheels sparkled in the sun. Eddie’s bike was larger, had a single saddle seat, and a square metal basket was attached to his handlebars. My bicycle was smaller with a slender banana saddle and there were red and white tassels hanging from my hand grips. We both had taken playing cards – red hearts for me and black spades for him – and attached them in such a way to our bike’s front wheels to make a motor noise as the cards flapped read more


February 25, 2017
BCH's unique partnership helps university students

Guests to the grand opening of HOMEBASE on February 9 at Western Carolina University (WCU) in Cullowhee were greeted by students wearing purple polo shirts emblazoned with the HOMEBASE logo. The students were all smiles as they toured attendees around the newly renovated building.“I am seeing all I hoped come to life before my eyes,” HOMEBASE student leader Sophie Calhoun said addressing the audience of some 150. “This facility embodies all we could have dreamed. The University and Baptist read more


February 24, 2017
BCH "Shows Love" to public servants

For Valentine’s Day, people exchange cards, send flowers and find a number of special ways to celebrate their love for each other. Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) took a distinct approach this year by celebrating public servants and service organizations through a first-time Valentine’s Day event called “Showing Love to Those Who Serve.”The event and luncheon was held on Tuesday, February 14 at Mills Home in Thomasville, the oldest of Baptist Children’s Homes locations.  It was hosted in read more


February 23, 2017
Knock the "T" off the "CAN't"

In his autobiography The True Joy of Positive Thinking, the late Norman Vincent Peale tells the story of a fifth grade teacher who had a remarkable influence on his life. The teacher, George Reeves, was a large man with a very stern appearance which covered up a kind heart.He was, as Dr. Peale recalls, a “character”– one of those unforgettable people whose ways often inspire us when we think back on them. One of the most important lessons he ever taught Norman Peale had to do with attitude.Often read more


February 21, 2017
BCH assists Guatemala with childcare model

The visit to the government-operated children’s home just outside of Guatemala City was beyond eye-opening for Keith Henry – it was nearly overwhelming.Henry was familiar with the stories describing  the overcrowded conditions of the residential homes Guatemala’s child welfare services provides for orphans and youth, but it was the first time Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) Chief Operating Officer saw it with his own eyes.“The home was packed with children. They were everywhere,” Henry says. read more


February 19, 2017
A legacy of love leaves its mark each year and for eternity

During the months of October, November and December, everyone at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) is busy thanking our wonderful, faithful friends. Each one of us knows that it would be impossible to serve children and families without your commitment to help one child and one family at a time.Thank you!As we begin a new year, we look ahead and are reminded about the many new beginnings each person who turns to BCH for hope will experience during the next 12 months.January signals new beginnings, read more


February 13, 2017
Every child deserves sweet dreams!

Every child wants to be loved. So many boys and girls living at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) have been hurt by the adults in their lives they’ve counted on to love and care for them. It’s why our Sweet Dreams Bed Sponsors are so important to the hundreds of children BCH provides safe homes to each year. Because of caring friends who have chosen to be bed sponsors, children can sleep peacefully knowing that they are loved. Everyday, a child is reminded that you care. When you become a bed read more


February 13, 2017
Share His Love This Valentine's Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, I like you, do you like me too?Roses are red, violets are blue, and you’re lucky indeed to be loved just for you!Do you remember those first silly valentine cards you wrote and exchanged in grade school?  Do you remember how important it was to get one from that “special” person?  Do you remember how hurt you felt if you didn’t get one from that special someone?  Valentine’s Day is a day set aside to tell those you love how important they are and that you do read more


February 10, 2017
I Just Love ...

“I just love chocolate.” “I love your new dress.” “I love my family.” “I love my car.” “I love my job.” “I love the Lord.” “I love Fall.” “We love that new restaurant.” “I just love…” Love is an often-used word, one that is used in a variety of ways.    With Valentine’s Day approaching our thoughts turn to the language of love. The word, “LOVE” conveys so much and has so much power. But at other times is simply expresses how we feel about our latest acquisition or our level of loyalty to our read more


February 1, 2017
2016 Accomplishments Report - The Courage of a Nine-Year-Old Superman

In the summer of 2016, I received a stunning message that depicted the desperate journey — both figurative and physical — of three siblings who had just been brought into the compassionate care of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH).In the middle of the night, a nine-year-old boy quietly walked into the bedroom of his two little sisters and woke them. This big brother had grown tired of seeing his sisters go without eating. He could no longer stand to see them hurting because of the abuse that read more


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