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July 13, 2017
Reach for the hand of a child

It was time for the evening meal. The mission team met at an outdoor restaurant. There were guards with guns along the sidewalks. A hedge of shrubs was all that blocked their table from the street.After sitting down to order, they began to talk about the events of the day. They recalled as they toured the city how they had encountered hungry beggars. Young “street children” were a common site, selling items to support their families who had little, begging passersby to buy a cheap souvenir.As read more


July 11, 2017
Sam dreaded school. Every day was a hardship.

Sam and his little brother Stevie went to bed some nights without having food to eat. Focusing on homework assignments was almost impossible. Sam was taunted because his clothes didn’t fit and were dirty. He was embarrassed. He felt hopeless. That was until Sam and Stevie came to Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH).Last year, back-to-school sponsors helped change Sam’s life! He and his brother were given three meals a day plus snacks.  Their worn-out, dirty clothes were replaced by new clothes and read more


July 11, 2017
Optimizing You

This column is the final in a series of lessons on health and reaching your optimum you!Meditation: Get in touch with yourself.Although I’m going to devote the least amount of space to this part of the triad – diet, exercise and meditation – that doesn’t diminish its importance.For you, it may be the most important of the three.The Judeo-Christian tradition may define meditation as seeking the mind of God or searching for the presence of Spirit. It is a personal practice for me, and I encourage read more


July 7, 2017
Worship and fun are the heart of BCH Olympic Games

The 2017 Olympic Games held on May 20 started with prayer and ended with a time of praise and worship. In between, Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) boys, girls and special needs adults from across the state competed in a number of events.“Coming together for the games each year is not just about the ‘spirit of competition’ but it’s about the Holy Spirit,” said Michael C. Blackwell, BCH President/CEO, who kicked-off the day-long event. “Everything we do at Baptist Children’s Homes points the read more


July 5, 2017
Ride to Clyde ignites first-time participant's passion

The motorcycle’s turn signal was stuck. It caught Edwin “Ed” Outlaw off-guard since his red and silver Harley-Davidson had passed inspection only minutes earlier. He pulled into a church parking lot to work on the problem.“As I was checking things out, I saw a motorcycle coming from across the street to see if I was okay,” Outlaw recounts. He was amazed by what happened next.“I began witnessing to the other biker and then he witnessed to me,” Outlaw laughs.Outlaw is not only passionate about read more


July 3, 2017
Eleven year mark has few or no rivals

The children are seated for the celebration. The chatter is minimal as teachers distribute large, round sugar cookies with sprinkles and scoops of vanilla ice cream. Sitting at a table in the front of the room are 10-year-old Joseph and 11-year-old Lucus. The two classmates wear blue graduation caps made of paper.“Some of my earliest memories of day school is eating,” Lucas laughs. Lucas and Joseph have attended Baptist Children’s Homes’ “five star” Weekday Education (WE) program in Thomasville read more


July 3, 2017
A vision of Freedom

A vision of freedom = HOPEA vision of freedom = CHANGED LIVESToday we celebrate the 241st anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.  The 4th of July is ripe with traditions that include the flying of Old Glory, family gatherings, vacations and picnics, fireworks and a host of other activities associated with the day that marks our beginning as an independent nation.This “All American” holiday is a time when we honor the courage of our forefathers.  Those who signed this historic document read more


June 27, 2017
Make it a summer BCH boys and girls never forget!

You can give children the care they need while providing  a summer full of memories.                         The needs of the children in BCH’s care not only remain great during the hot summer months, but the cost of care increases. As a Summer sponsor, you provide for children’s daily  needs while making summer activities  and happy memories possible.  Choose a Summer sponsor package below and make  your gift today!How can you give children lasting summer memories?You can choose one of the read more


June 26, 2017
Rising high on eagle's wings, we experience God's faithfulness

The first time I saw an eagle – a real eagle flying in the sky – it took my breath away. I had seen eagle in a book or soaring in slow motion on a television screen, but to see this eagle as I stood at my office window had me calling to others, “Hurry, you have to see this!”The eagle is America’s bird. It’s a no brainer, although Ben Franklin trashed the eagle at one time in favor of the turkey. Our second favorite bird, the turkey, was said to be more “respectable,” being that he is native to read more


June 23, 2017
Third Roundup brings awareness of caregiver needs

The third annual AAIM Roundup was held May 2 at Rich Fork Baptist Church in Thomasville. AAIM (Aging Adults Innovating Ministry) is a network of ministers and lay leaders who conduct an annual Roundup and Fall Regional Gatherings in order to strengthen aging adult ministries. AAIM is an outreach of North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM). NCBAM is a ministry of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH).This year’s AAIM Roundup theme, “The Family of God,” focused on the special needs of caregivers and read more


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