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Children and staff celebrate a season of thanksgiving

November 4, 2013

By: Brenda B. Gray

This month, churches across North Carolina will be having an in-gathering of financial offerings for the residents of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH). Some children and families have saved pennies all year to make a difference in a child’s life.

This past weekend, the residents at Mills Home’s Johnson Cottage had a special guest. Ten-year-old Lexie Michael, who attends First Baptist Church in Maiden, wanted to spread God’s word and share the love of Jesus. She talked with her family and determined to lead an effort to provide Bibles for children. Lexie began saving her money. She also placed a box at her church. Lexie bought and collected 150 Bibles. The smile on her face told the story. Her heart was bursting with joy to be able to give these Bibles to the children living at BCH.

Can one person – one 10-year-old girl – make a difference?

Yes! Especially when she has a passion that motivates others to join her. This special child radiates passion. Our girls at BCH were moved by her love for them and were amazed by what Lexie was able to accomplish. Thank you, Lexie, and all of you who have given to help live out BCH’s vision of sharing hope. . .changing lives.

The children who live at BCH often travel with me to share with North Carolina Baptists how thankful we are for their support. As I introduce our ministry to congregations, I also have the children introduce themselves and share one thing they appreciate about living at BCH.

These are some of their thankful responses:

“I really like the food.”
“I feel safe for the first time in a long time.”
“They really care about me.”
“They encourage me.”
“They teach me about God.”
“Rather than always telling me I am wrong, they help me be right.”
“They don’t judge me.”
“They not only love me, they love my family.”
“I like going to church.”
“I’ve learned I can’t do anything without God.”
“I am loved and respected here.”
“I was so miserable before, now I am happy.”
“I was failing in school and told I was stupid. I’m not stupid! I’m now making As & Bs.”

As we celebrate this season of thankfulness, we want you to know how very thankful we are for you! Through your gifts of sheets, pillows and blankets, our children sleep comfortably each night in a safe environment.

This past April, our food supplies were lower than I have ever seen them. We shared this need with you and you rallied. We were overwhelmed by your love for our children shown by this in-gathering of food. Our hearts overflow each time we bow our heads in thankfulness for your faithfulness to the children in the care of BCH.

Your dedicated support provides a safe place where boys and girls can play and laugh – where they can be children. BCH’s children are able to see and experience a knowledge of God and His grace that is reflected through your love.

Travis shares that it was on a church visit he realized he was worth being loved when one of the ladies at church embraced him in a hug and said, “I love you.”

Amie shares that when she looked at herself, she could not see God. When she visited churches and churches visited the campus where she lived, she saw God in them. She saw God in you when you helped us to care for these precious boys and girls.

Your prayerful support offers us strength and hope for today and tomorrow. Thank You!

Here are ways you can make a big impact now!
1. Follow 10 year old Lexie Michael’s example and lead your church to participate in BCH’s annual Thanksgiving Offering.
2. Christmas is almost here, and we need Christmas sponsors to help provide Christmas gifts for BCH’s children. Give a financial gift as a gift in honor of your children or grandchildren. We will send a card to your child or grandchild informing them of this special gift.
3. This year we have been blessed with a $200,000 challenge to be matched by our faithful supporters. Every gift that is given between now and January 31 will be matched up to the $200,000 challenge. What does this challenge gift mean to BCH? It means we will be able to help even more children and families this year.
4. With more in babies in care, we have a need for diapers, wipes and other baby supplies.

For more information on how you can be a part of sharing hope. . .changing lives, call me at 1-800-476-3669, ext.1230.