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Child remains focus for success

August 5, 2013

By Michael C. Blackwell

Just a few months after becoming president of Baptist Children’s Homes in 1983, I had a picture of me with three children taken at the main entrance of Mills Home in Thomasville (see below). As the institution’s new leader, I had hit the road running and was intent on doing the best job I could. It didn’t take long for my days to be filled with more details and plans for the future than I ever could have imagined. . .and I loved it.

But with all the things that were vying for my attention day to day, I stayed focused on the child – it was important. I believed that with God’s guidance and an unwavering commitment to keeping my eye on the child, I was equipped to guide the ministry forward. I believed if I could maintain this focus our efforts would be fruitful. I wasn’t wrong.

On June 27, 2013, I found myself in the shadow of the Baptist Children’s Homes of NC arch once again. Thirty years later a similar picture was taken (photo right). Again, I appear with three children in care.

Today at BCH, our focus is on helping a child realize a brighter future, on helping a child experience a new hope, and on helping a child embrace a loving God. Our desire is to equip that child with what he or she needs to grow into the adult of whom we can all be proud.

At age 71 and with years of leadership and experiences under my belt, I remain focused on the child – whose numbers over three decades now add up to the thousands.

My days are as busy as ever and I am as energized as ever. But I also remain as focused on the child as ever before. For me, it is the child who goes on, with a sense of promise, to become the husband, wife, mother, father, and citizen that gives me the most satisfaction.

There have been many challenges and some hardships over the years, but all has been worth it for that one child who goes on her way to become all God intends.