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Thanks to you, Mareli is the first in her family to graduate...

July 8, 2013

Seventeen-year-old Mareli received her high school diploma on June 8. If not for Baptist Children’s Homes, her dream of graduating may not have come true.

At home with her mom, Mareli saw close friends make poor choices and saw girls become single moms. Mareli’s mother did her best to protect her, but she was often away working. Despite her good grades in school, the negative influences surrounding Mareli – the same influences that ensnared others – threatened to strip the good things away from her life.

Desperate to help her succeed, Mareli’s mom turned to Baptist Children’s Homes. Through the support the support she found at Mills Home in Thomasville, Mareli not only completed high school, but she finished an entire year early graduating with honors receiving a 4.0 on her final report card. She is the first member of her family to graduate high school and will realize her dream of going to college when she begins classes in the fall.

And there’s more! Mareli accepted Jesus as her Savior on May 5. Mareli said, “I had a hole in my heart that wasn’t filled. I needed God to fill it up. It felt so good. It’s so wonderful what He does.”

We need your help! Please become a “Back-to-School” sponsor and show your support for Mareli’s and the hundreds of other children who will attend elementary, middle and high school this coming year.

Mareli needed to accomplish her goals and, most importantly, a place where she could open her heart to God’s unfailing love. That’s a life that is changed for all eternity!

Through your prayers and generous donations, children’s lives, and hearts, are being made whole. . .thank you.

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