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Cameron Takes Great Strides

April 7, 2013

By W. James Edminson

The change in Cameron’s life was as sudden as coming into a dark room and flipping a light switch.

“It was quick,” the 17-year-old high school senior says. “I came to Drake Cottage and things changed. I matured; it was a total turn around.”

Cameron moved to Drake Cottage in Franklin after living at Broyhill Home in Clyde for a year and a half. His father had turned to Baptist Children’s Homes when he felt his son was getting out of control. Cameron’s behavioral problems at home and school needed attention – sneaking out at night, fighting at school and constantly butting heads with his father.

Cameron’s parents divorced when he was four years old and he lived with his mom and sister until his dad wanted the two children to come and live with him. Cameron’s sister thrived, but he began to struggle.

“My parents love me,” Cameron says. “Even when I was out there pushing the boundaries, I knew when to stop. I never got in trouble with the law or got involved in drugs. They raised me right. I just wanted to do what I wanted.”

When things turned around in his life, the strong-willed young man began to use his energies for better things.

“When I first came to Drake Cottage, I was told that if I worked hard, I could be successful,” Cameron remembers. “They believed in me and I believed them; that motivated me to do something positive.”

The more Cameron moved in the right direction, the more doors opened to him. Grades improved. His relationship with his dad improved. More privileges came his way. He was able to begin a part-time job at the local Dairy Queen. He now has a vehicle and is involved in an intern program through his high school that interests him greatly.

“As part of the intern program, I go every day and work at a funeral home,” Cameron says smiling. “I’ve found out that I’m good at it. I like helping people and I’m very respectful of those who are going through such a difficult time.”

His internship has given him a vision for life past high school graduation. Cameron has applied and been accepted by a professional school in Atlanta where he will become certified in funeral services. He plans to become a funeral home director and sees himself owning a funeral home one day.

“It may sound strange to some, but this is the way for me,” he says.

Cameron attributes his great strides to those at Drake Cottage who have been there for him.

“At first I couldn't see the big picture,” he says. “But now I can look back and see just how much everyone has done for me. These past years have helped shape me to become who I am. I admire those who have cared for me and the other boys. I appreciate the opportunity to be at Drake Cottage.”

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