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Band's song "Enough" to benefit BCH children

March 19, 2013

By J. Blake Ragsdale

For the band members of Awestruck Worship, creating music is as much about helping others as it is about writing and performing. It’s the reason the Greensboro-based band raised support for an international ministry to coincide with the release of their inaugural CD – “The Giver.”

When the group began production for its sophomore recording project in January 2013, they again decided to choose a ministry they could support. The band was surprised to discover the perfect beneficiary was within a 30-mile drive.

“My wife and I were Googling orphanages on the internet, and we ended up at the website of Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina,” says Tyler Ricketts.

Ricketts is a singer, guitarist and songwriter for Awestruck Worship. He is also the worship pastor at Awestruck Church in nearby Gibsonville where the group serves as the praise and worship band. Ricketts grew up in Greensboro and attended a Baptist church, but he had not heard of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) until discovering it on the internet.

“It was almost this instantaneous feeling that we needed to get to know BCH and help,” explains Ricketts. “There aren’t just children overseas who need help – there are people right here in our backyard.”

Ricketts brought the idea to the other band members and leaders at the church. “It was really a no-brainer,” recalls Ricketts. “And the song ‘Enough’ is a small place for us to start.”

“Enough,” the first single from their upcoming CD, was released on March 19. And just as the group connected to BCH through the internet, the band is connecting to listeners through online music stores, including iTunes, where “Enough” is being sold.

“The message of the song is that God alone is enough,” says Ricketts. “No matter the hard times you’ve gone though, He’s always there for you.”

“Enough” costs $.99 to download and the band is donating all proceeds to purchase BCH “Sweet Dreams” bed sponsorships. Every 300 downloads of “Enough” generates enough support to purchase one bed sponsorship. Thinking big, the band has set a goal of reaching 10,000 downloads by Christmas so that 30 bed sponsorships, enough for three children’s cottages, can be purchased.

“It’s such a small price that goes a long way,” says Ricketts. “We don’t want to stop with 10,000 downloads. It’s also about awareness – that’s the big thing. People can ask their co-workers and other people they know to download the song, and they can let them know about BCH.”

Awestruck Worship and BCH are promoting the initiative on their individual Facebook pages. The band also plans to share BCH’s story when they perform at upcoming shows throughout the year.

“Awestruck is always about someone else. If we create music for fame or money, then we’ve missed the point of why we’re in this,” says Ricketts. “I hope the children at BCH see us as the hands and feet of Jesus. I want them to feel welcomed and loved.”

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