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Sedrick Bubbles with Enthusiasm

March 17, 2010

By W. James Edminson

While Olympic athletes exhibit their prowess at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Sedrick stretches himself to gain greater mobility. The 23-year-old suffered traumatic brain injury as a boy. Years of neglect left his feet and right hand shriveled.

“I was abused,” Sedrick recalls. “I was beaten and I was shaken. I was locked in my closet.”

Memories like shadows linger. But the horror of these memories are couched with other memories of running as a very young child in the aisles of church, of clapping, and of singing.

Today, it is his jubilant spirit that prevails in spite of Sedrick’s limitations.

“When I get to heaven, I won’t need this wheelchair no more – oooeeee!” he declares. “I’ll have new legs, a new mind, new arms – yes, ma’am.”

Sedrick is a resident at Baptist Children’s Homes’ Stegall Home in Marshville. The group home for developmentally disabled individuals has been a lifesaver for Sedrick.

“I asked myself why my life wasn’t over,” he says. “Hallelujah! God wasn’t finished with me. He brought me back to life.”

Since coming into BCH’s care, Sedrick is active. He has physical therapy every day. He works and attends classes at the local community college.

“They are helping straighten me out,” Sedrick says, referring to his therapy. “I’m learning to use a walker.”

Like the Winter Olympians, Sedrick is familiar with Olympic competition. He is a Special Olympics athlete. He competes in basketball, bowling and bocce ball.

“This year, I’m going to be a cheerleader for the basketball team,” he says. “I’ve got to pump it up!”

Sedrick’s spirit is contagious. He is a positive influence on other Stegall residents and staff members.

“If you are feeling down, Sedrick senses it and reaches out to help you feel better. Many times he offers to pray for you,” Stegall Home administrator Michelle Jordan says.

Sedrick confides that before he slides into his wheelchair each morning, he begins his day in prayer.

There are times when Jordan walks by Sedrick’s room and he is out of his chair on the floor – he is on his knees praying.

“God hears prayers,” he declares. “I pray, ‘God get me back on my feet’ and ‘I love you Lord Jesus.’”

Sedrick loves to sing and to preach.

“I can still be in this chair and be a preacher,” he says confidently. “I preach, you got to wind it up and get your house in order.”

His favorite song is “His Eye Is On The Sparrow.” Sedrick loves to listen to gospel music and breaks out in song spontaneously.

“Oh my Lord, I be in my room jammin’,” he says. “I love to praise the Lord.”

Sedrick credits his late-grandmother for teaching him about God. Sedrick’s memories of church are from times he spent with his grandmother.

“My grandmother was always there,” he says.

Stegall Home is Sedrick’s home. He loves his “brothers” and each staff member. “It’s special,” he says. “It’s special.”

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